United Cutlery Dapper Defender Brush Knife
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Night Watchman Baton Holder - 1680 Denier Polyester
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Sabre Black Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray

Original price was: $99.94.Current price is: $49.97.

  • The powerful, 10-foot range stream delivery system
  • It is contained in a durable, black TPU hard case
  • The reinforced safety mechanism helps prevent accidental discharge

Description Of Sabre Black Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray:

The Sabre Black Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray offers unrivaled security in a minimal and effectively open structure. Planned in light of client accommodation and wellbeing, this creative self-protection apparatus joins the force of pepper spray, CS nerve gas, and UV stamping color, giving far reaching guard against expected dangers.

Made considering sturdiness, the black hardcase lodging guarantees the items stay secure and shielded from inadvertent release, making it appropriate for ordinary convey. Its smooth and ergonomic plan fits easily in your grasp, considering speedy and exact organization in crisis circumstances.

The essential fixing in this pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC), a characteristic subordinate of hot peppers. When spray, it creates an extraordinary consuming uproar, compulsory conclusion of the eyes, and trouble breathing, actually crippling aggressors and permitting you to escape from risky circumstances. With a greatest strength recipe, this pepper spray conveys strong insurance, giving you genuine serenity any place you go.

Notwithstanding OC, this three-in-one pepper spray additionally contains CS nerve gas, which further improves its viability. CS poisonous gas incites tearing, hacking, and respiratory trouble, giving an additional layer of safeguard against aggressors. The mix of OC and CS nerve gas guarantees quick and unequivocal activity against aggressors, giving you the advantage in angry circumstances.

Besides, this Sabre Black Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray is furnished with UV checking color, which leaves a dependable stain on the assailant’s skin, making it simpler for policing recognize and capture them later. The UV color adds an additional degree of responsibility, discouraging possible aggressors and improving the probability of arraignment.

With a scope of up to 10 feet, this pepper shower permits you to avoid dangers while really killing them. Its fast delivery keyring connection empowers you to convey it with you any place you go, guaranteeing you are constantly ready to guard yourself assuming the need emerges.


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