Sabre Pink Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray


  • Up to 25 shots per container
  • Effective range 8 to 10 feet
  • Safety collar

Product description of Sabre Pink Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray :

The Sabre Pink Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray is a strong and solid self-preservation instrument planned explicitly for people looking for upgraded individual security. With its reduced size and intense detailing, this pepper splash offers genuine serenity and certainty to clients confronting possible dangers or perilous circumstances.

While,formed with most extreme strength red pepper, this splash conveys a strong stream of OC (oleoresin capsicum) to weaken aggressors and dissuade hostility really. The high convergence of red pepper guarantees quick crippling, causing extraordinary consuming, bothering, and impermanent visual impairment upon contact with the eyes, nose, and throat of the attacker. This debilitating impact furnishes clients with a pivotal benefit justifiably circumstances, permitting them to get away and look for help without really hurting extremely durable the assailant.

The Saber Pink Greatest Strength Red Pepper Splash includes an easy to use plan, with a minimized and lightweight canister that fits serenely in pockets, satchels, or on keychains for helpful access. Its ergonomic shape and speedy delivery security instrument empower quick and simple sending, guaranteeing that clients can answer immediately to dangers with insignificant exertion.

As a demonstration of its obligation to somewhere safe and secure and strengthening, Saber offers this pepper splash in an energetic pink tone, representing support for bosom disease examination and mindfulness. Besides the fact that the pink plan makes the shower effectively recognizable, yet it likewise advances a message of solidarity, fortitude, and strengthening among clients.

Included with the pepper splash is a tough and cautious holster, giving secure stockpiling and helpful convey choices. Created from rough materials, the holster guarantees that the shower remains promptly open while safeguarding it from harm or coincidental release.

In general, the Sabre Pink Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray is a solid and powerful self-preservation device that engages people to safeguard themselves without hesitation in any circumstance. Its intense detailing, easy to use plan, and obligation to supporting a noble purpose pursue it a top decision for those looking for improved individual wellbeing and security.


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