Sabre Red Pepper Spray Pink Hard Case


  • Up to 25 shots per container
  • Effective range 8 to 10 feet
  • .54 oz

Product description of Sabre Red Pepper Spray Pink Hard Case :

Presenting the sabre red pepper spray in a pink hard case – your snazzy and viable answer for individual security. Planned in view of your security, this minimized and strong pepper shower offers solid protection against possible dangers, while its smooth pink hard case adds a bit of style to your regular convey.

The saber red pepper spray is eminent for its strength and viability, conveying a strong eruption of oc pepper recipe that cripples aggressors on contact. With a greatest strength equation and a scope of up to 10 feet, this pepper splash furnishes you with the certainty and confirmation you want to securely explore through any circumstance.

Housed in a strong pink hard case, this pepper shower isn’t just viable yet in addition circumspect and classy. Its reduced size considers simple disguise in your satchel, pocket, or on your keychain, guaranteeing that you’re constantly ready to shield yourself immediately.

The simple to-utilize plan of the sabre red pepper spray guarantees fast and natural arrangement, even in high-stress circumstances. Basically press the button on the highest point of the case to deliver a strong stream of pepper splash, giving you prompt insurance against possible dangers.

Notwithstanding its viability as a self-preservation device, the saber red pepper spray is likewise harmless to the ecosystem and others conscious, containing no ozone-draining synthetic substances and utilizing a non-poisonous recipe that truly hurts brief distress without causing super durable.

Ideal for people of any age and ways of life, the saber red pepper spray in a pink hard case is a fundamental expansion to your own security stockpile. Whether you’re strolling alone around evening time, getting things done, or heading out to new spots, this pepper shower gives you the inner harmony and certainty you want to boldly carry on with your life.

Try not to think twice about your wellbeing – pick the sabre red pepper spray in a pink hard case and assume command over your own security today. With its powerful equation, prudent plan, and up-to-date pink hard case, this pepper shower is the ideal mix of adequacy and polish. Request yours now and remain safeguarded any place you go.


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