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Sandai Kitetsu One Piece First Sword

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Overall Length: 39 inches
Blade: 26"
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel

Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with black String and leather Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Scabbard: Stainless steel black colored scabbard and brass fitting (Free)

Regular Price: $225.00

Special Price: $205.00


Sandai Kitetsu One Piece
All of kitetsu’s swords which are named after him are said to be cursed and bring him tragedy to whoever uses them. This was true for everyone except for Roronao Zoro. He yields the Sandei Kitetsu and is the only exception to this curse as his luck surpasses the blight. Sandai Kitetsu literally means the ‘Third Generation Demon-Splitter’ and is created by the sword smith Kitetsu who doesn’t appear is the anime show.
Roronoa Zoro was also known as the pirate hunter zoro due to him being a pirate for the Straw Hat Pirates and also his bounty hunting. The other crews thought he was a captain. He is a skilled swordsman who can yield two swords in his hands and one in his mouth in changeable attack styles. Though he is most proficient at the sword technique of Santoryu. This involves clutching the third sword in the mouth. He is even able to speak with the sword in his mouth. His goal is to become the greatest Swordsman in the world. He has used many notable swords over his course of time but the most prestigious one is sandai kitetsu.
One piece sandai kitetsu is one of the Wazamono swords which are said to be cursed like all their previous swords. This is one of the last swords from the three kitetsu swords to be made. It has been seen that with each swords the power of the swords has diminished. So being the lowest of the three this the weakest sword of the three. The name of this sword literally means a sharp sword. The first person to use this sword on the Anime Show was Zoro who saw it in a shop in Loguetown on a barrel of cheap katanas after having his previous sword broken. When Zoro decided to buy the kitetsu one piece katana, the owner Ippon-Matsu, initially did not want to sell it to him due to its everlong curse. But Zoro tested the sword by throwing it in the air and placing his arm underneath it. When his luck outshone the curse the shop owner gave Zoro the sandai kitetsui katana as well as the Yubashiri sword which was his family heirloom for his talent and luck.

Like all other kitetsu swords this one is also cursed and is supposed to bring horrible death to all its owners. But when Zoro tested it against his arm it went straight into the floor leaving only a quarter of the sword outside. The swords seem to have a sharp edge making it very easy to cut things. Although Zoro has said that the swords to blood thirsty sometimes and it can also have a mind of its own. The presence of the sword can also be felt without even seeing or touching the sword. Zoro could feel that the sandai kitetsu was cursed as soon as he touched it. It is a good blade to use in Zoro’s santoryu. Although some pirates consider the kitetsu one piece katana as a low ranked sword Zoro uses the three Samurai swords in combat and has defeated hundreds of pirates. He terms it as a ‘problem child’ affectionately as well.

The sandai kitetsu is a huge sword. It is moderately curved from top to bottom. It has whiter edge with blue hamon on that appears like flames. It has a golden tsuba and is shaped like a round cross pâté. The hilt is reddish brown in color and has a golden clasp near the middle with a golden kashmira pommel. The sheath has the same design as the hilt and is deep red in color. It has two successive golden clasps in the middle and kojiri also in golden. It is an elaborate and classic looking sword.
The kitetsu swords have two other swords beside kitetsu one piece, which are:
Shodai Kitetsu:
This is one of the twelve Wazamono swords. Although little is known about this sword but to belong to the twelve finest swords means it a strong sword. This is the first sword in the kitetsu katana.

Nidai Kitetsu:
Nidai kitetsu is the second sword to be made. It is also one of the twelve Wazamano swords.
The one piece sandai kitetsu curse makes it impossible for everyone to yield the sword. Zoro could only yield the sword due to his luck. Sometimes swords also choose their wielders and that is one property this sword has because it cannot let anybody yield it. It is almost as if you have another person existing next to you who demands things. In the same way this sword demands blood or likes to cut everything as felt by Zoro. The sword also has a personality of its own which is very dominating as the katana prefers to choose its owners by itself.

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