We want you to shop without any hassle or worry. We always utilize the best framework that ensures complete security and prevents from any possible customer’s data theft. Your account with us is completely secured and the order history too. From the start, we focus on clients’ data protection and make sure nothing bad happens. Your personal info will never be disclosed to any third party at any case.

But what to do with the payments you make on our site? That is not an issue. Swords Kingdom doesn’t accept any payments directly on this website, rather gives you a hassle free solution for that. We only accept payments via the most secured and reliable payment processor ever introduced. But in order to bullet proof your records, we accept payment on a secured page that doesn’t save your data on this site rather gives your data to the third party payment processor directly. That’s right. When you place an order, fill in your details and click on the “place order” button, and your payment will be made via the payment processor itself. Keep in mind that there is no risk involved in all this scenario.