Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword
Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Original price was: $813.94.Current price is: $406.97.
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Black Ninja Sword Set
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Shikoto Black Kogane Dynasty Forged Katana Sword

Original price was: $433.92.Current price is: $216.96.

  • 29″ blade; 44″ overall
  • Exquisite heat-forged Damascus steel blade
  • Exclusive laser etchings on the blade
  • Genuine ray skin handle with cord wrappings
  • Handsome brass menuki & guard
  • Coordinating hardwood scabbard

Description of Shikoto Black Kogane Dynasty Forged Katana Sword:

This stunning Black Kogane Dynasty Forged Damascus Katana could only have been faithfully recreated by Shikoto. This katana is rich in design and detail, from the striking Damascus steel blade designs to the dazzling brass accents. The strong blade has a laser etch message that reads, “United Strong Steel,” demonstrating the superior strength of these Damascus blades, which are each fold nine times to a total of 1792 layers.

Presenting the Shikoto Black Kogane Dynasty Forged Katana Sword – an unequaled mix of custom and development, fastidiously hand tailored to respect the tradition of Japanese swordsmithing. This outstanding katana remains as a demonstration of the masterfulness and devotion that characterized the samurai time, while consolidating contemporary components for current devotees and gatherers.

Moreover, The core of the Black Kogane Dynasty Katana lies in its 28-inch hand-fashioned, high-carbon steel sharp edge. Carefully created utilizing customary procedures, the cutting edge displays wonderful sharpness, strength, and an unmistakable hamon, a visual demonstration of its differentially solidified edge. So, This blade flaunts considerable cutting capacities as well as grandstands the ageless excellence of antiquated craftsmanship.

The tsuba (watch) of the katana is a dazzling portrayal of Japanese culture and history, highlighting unpredictable itemizing and a darkened completion that stands out exquisitely from the glimmering brilliant accents. Moreover, The certified beam skin handle, enveloped by dark silk ito (wrapping), offers both an agreeable grasp and a striking tasteful. Supplementing the grip are the gold-completed menuki (decorative handle highlights), adding a dash of refinement to the general plan.

Encased in a shiny dark lacquered sheath, decorated with brilliant fittings and defensive accents, the Shikoto Dark Kogane Line Fashioned Katana Sword is an assertion of worship for custom and a festival of present day craftsmanship. Whether showed as a focal point or used with reason, this katana exemplifies the soul of the samurai, welcoming admirers to encounter the amicable mix of history and development in a solitary, momentous weapon.


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