Purple Samurai Warrior Sword With Open Scabbard
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Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana Clay Tempered Folded Carbon Steel
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Shikoto Hand Forged Damascus Tanto Sword

Original price was: $197.92.Current price is: $98.96.

  • Exquisite heat-forged Damascus steel blade
  • Exclusive laser etchings on the blade
  • Genuine ray skin handle with cord wrappings
  • Coordinating leather scabbard
  • Oversized guard and pommel
  • Handsome brass menuki
  • 11 ½” blade; 18 ½” overall

Description of Shikoto Hand Forged Damascus Tanto Sword:

Joined Cutlery proceeds with its pleased tradition of top-quality edged collectibles with this amazing Yoru Doragon Damascus steel tanto. Created with preeminent Samurai style, each tanto highlights striking intensity manufactured Damascus steel edges that offer 1792 layers of predominant power and strength, as proven by the attractive laser etchings. The interpretation of the etchings signifies “Serious areas of strength for joined.”

The Shikoto Hand Forged Damascus Tanto Sword remains as a genuine show-stopper, a living epitome of the old Japanese sword making masterfulness mixed with contemporary greatness. Fastidiously created, it exhibits an agreeable union of history and development.

Forged from layers of premium Damascus steel, the sharp edge flaunts an appealing undulating design that adds to its visual charm as well as validates its unrivaled vigor and cutting accuracy. The relentless manufacturing process guarantees an edge of excellent sharpness as well as one that has surprising strength, taking special care of both tasteful reverence and utilitarian usefulness.

The conventional Japanese tanto outline, portrayed by its effortless ebb and flow, gives proper respect to its samurai beginnings while transmitting a demeanor of stately tastefulness. Enclosed by certifiable beam skin and bound with a carefully plaited rope, the handle offers a credible hold that guarantees both security and solace.

Everything about this tanto sword recounts an account of craftsmanship and devotion. The many-sided handguard and pulverize show the careful endeavors put resources into its creation, mirroring the masterfulness of its producers. Whether it graces a gatherer’s show or winds up employed by a specialist, the Shikoto overcomes any issues between old custom and present day appreciation.

It isn’t only a sharp edge yet a demonstration of the specialty of producing, an image of the combination between verifiable veneration and contemporary mastery. The Shikoto Hand Forged Damascus Tanto Sword reverberates with the spirit of the samurai period, reverberating through time as an unmistakable tribute to the getting through tradition of Japanese sword craftsmanship.


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