Dragonhead Oriental Katana Sword
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Shinwa Blood Dragon Carbon Steel Katana With Scabbard

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Overall Length: 39 1/2″

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Product Details:
Crafted by the expert swordsmiths of Shinwa, it’s another fine example of the artistry you only get with a hand-forged sword
It has a sharp, hand-forged 28 1/2” 1045 carbon steel blade that extends from a brass habaki and has a visible hamon line
The cast metal, circular tsuba is a copper-colored masterpiece with an intricate serpent theme, matching the serpent menuki
The wooden handle is traditionally wrapped in genuine white rayskin and black cord-wrap and the pommel is cast metal

Shinwa Blood Dragon Katana:
Katana Swords have different types from tachi to the Kamakura period. About 1400 years ago, long swords were the same as the katana style. So, this style was to respond samurai with tachi called Katana style. When Katana starts, it becomes popular among samurai. It not only becomes famous with style but also changing the battle strategies gradually in Japan.

Katana has importance from cavalry battles to close-up battles. There are many Katanas types such as Highlander Katana, Dragonhead Katana, Oriental Katana, and many more at our store Swords Kingdom. These are all made by the expert swordsmiths and with high-quality material. When you take it, you will know of the artistry of a hand-forged sword.

Product Details:

  • The overall length of the Shinwa Blood Dragon Katana is 39 1/2”.
  • It is crafted by the expert swordsmiths of Shinwa.
  • The Katana blade is 28 ½” long and is made with carbon steel that extends from a brass habaki.
  • Shinwa Katana handle is traditionally wrapped in genuine white rayskin.
  • It is the best gift for your beloved ones on this Halloween.

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Which things come free with this Shinwa Katana?

A scabbard comes free with this Shinwa Katana.

How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depends on your location.
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