Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana
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Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword
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Shinwa Golden Knight Katana

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Product Details:

  • Overall length: 39 1/2″
  • 29″ 1045 high carbon steel blade with warm golden finish
  • Gilt cast metal guard with koi, wave ornamentation
  • Genuine ray skin, gold leather cord handle wrapping
  • Wooden scabbard with glittering paint scheme

Description of Shinwa Golden Knight Katana Sword:

Shinwa adds “Midas touch” to its long list of sword craft accolades
Joining the rich gloss of gold with the strength and power of high carbon steel, Shinwa’s Golden Knight Katana addresses a definitive combination of brutality and stunning elegance. It flaunts perfect magnificence – with smooth, liquid structure and a large group of splendid brilliant accents. In plain view, it requests consideration – a plated, eye-getting illustration of unbelievable old Japanese swordcraft and plan. However, depend on it – the Golden Knight, yet certainly shocking, is considerably more than a simple masterpiece.

High carbon steel makes this golden “beauty” a valid “beast”
Consistent with the katana’s persevering, exceptionally old standing, the Golden Knight packs serious, unrestrained cutting power. This is because of, its monumental 1045 high carbon steel sharp edge, carefully hand-manufactured by Shinwa’s carefully prepared ace swordsmiths. Weaponry researchers have long considered the celebrated katana the most honed blade ever, and the Brilliant Knight is no special case. It cuts neatly through customary rolled tatami mats, thick bamboo and other testing materials – easily, without forfeiting its painstakingly sharpened edge.

Traditional katana trappings gilded to perfection
Both “beast” and “beauty,” the cutting edge is washed in a warm brilliant shine – an unobtrusive place of difference to the dynamically plated collar, gatekeeper and cowhide rope handle wrapping. The faultlessly projected watch portrays a notorious Japanese koi, encompassed in a complex exhibit of peaking waves. Majestic, brilliantly finished certifiable beam skin covers the handle, its dark tint offset by a lavish brilliant menuki.

Glittering scabbard for a glittering sword
Indeed, even the wooden casing shines and sparkles! Known generally by its Japanese moniker, “saya,” the sheath includes a sparkling paint plot injected with fragile bits of intelligent metal. From the front line to the presentation stand, Shinwa Golden Knight Katana Sword  reliably eclipses the rest. Request today, and add a bit of gold to your own assortment!


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