Shinwa Silksting Handmade Shirasaya -Samurai Sword
Shinwa Silksting Handmade Shirasaya -Samurai Sword Original price was: $297.92.Current price is: $148.96.
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Shinwa Unbroken Night Handmade Katana / Samurai Sword
Shinwa Unbroken Night Handmade Katana / Samurai Sword Original price was: $219.96.Current price is: $143.98.

Shinwa Pearl Maroon Samurai Sword Set

Original price was: $999.94.Current price is: $499.99.

  • Katana: 28″ blade, 39 1/2″ overall
  • Wakizashi: 19 1/4″ blade, 30 1/2″ overall
  • Tanto: 11 1/4″ blade, 19 5/8″ overall
  • Includes a custom Shinwa wooden sword stand
  • Powerful full-tang construction

Description of Shinwa Pearl Maroon Samurai Sword Set:

This exceptional point by point Samurai sword set is the most impacted set at any point create by Shinwa sword aces. Every one of the 1060 carbon steel sharp edges is hand-fashion by talented crafts mans and afterward envelope by genuine beam skin and a conventional line wrap handle. Complicated point by point tsubas are emphasize by a gold-plated menuki and habaki. The lacquer wooden casings are trim with a delighted winge serpent decorate made with genuine, normal pearl. This three-piece set incorporates a custom Shinwa wooden sword stand.

The Shinwa Pearl Maroon Samurai Sword Set exquisitely joins custom and present day craftsmanship. By making it an enrapturing expansion to any sword devotee’s assortment. This wonderful set features a breathtaking mix of structure and capability, giving recognition to the respected samurai legacy while oozing contemporary style.

Made with careful scrupulousness, the swords include edges manufactured from high-carbon steel, guaranteeing a harmony among solidness and sharpness. The maroon lacquered saya (casing) is enhance with complex pearl highlights, adding a dash of richness to the set. The tsuba (monitor) flaunts a lavish plan enliven by old style Japanese themes. While the tsuka (handle) is masterfully envelope by real beam skin and conventional cotton ito. By giving a solid grasp and improving the in general material experience. This set epitomizes the fusion of art and functionality, capturing the essence of Japan’s noble sword tradition with contemporary elegance.

The set incorporates a katana, wakizashi, and tanto, each particularly plan and proportioned for explicit battle situations. Whether showed as a striking point of convergence or employe for combative techniques practice. The Shinwa Pearl Maroon Samurai Sword Set fits custom with contemporary charm. Making it an excellent encapsulation of imaginativeness, usefulness, and history. This set is a demonstration of the getting through tradition of the samurai, catching the substance of their honorable soul in a genuinely enrapturing way.



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