Shinwa Golden Knight Katana Sword
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Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword
Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword Original price was: $813.94.Current price is: $406.97.

Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword

Original price was: $409.98.Current price is: $204.99.

  • Overall length: 39”
  • Royalty truly is defined in this Shinwa samurai sword
  • 27 1/2” hand-forged 1060 high carbon steel blade
  • Genuine rayskin and cord-wrapped handle
  • Metal alloy tsuba with a lotus design
  • Black lacquered wooden scabbard

Description of Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword:

Purple has long been considered the color of royalty, and Shinwa’s Purple Majesty Samurai Sword is unquestionably fit for a king! It has a hand-forged 1060 high carbon steel blade that is a deep, rich purple, and the brass habaki completes the look. Traditional black rayskin wrapping covers the handle, which also has a purple cord wrap to match the blade. The elaborate, dark metal alloy tsuba features a lotus design with gold accents that extends to the pommel. A black lacquered, wooden scabbard with metallic silver splashes and purple cord-wrap properly accommodates the 27 1/2″ blade.

Raise your assortment with the Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword , a genuine epitome of superb charm and imposing craftsmanship. Carefully handmade, this sword catches the quintessence of both customary Japanese imaginativeness and contemporary plan, making it a surprising expansion to any lover’s stockpile.

The Purple Majesty Samurai Sword flaunts a carefully honed 28-inch carbon steel edge, skillfully sharpened for outstanding cutting execution while holding its striking excellence. The sharp edge’s extraordinary hamon, the perplexing attitude line made through the customary dirt treating process, upgrades its solidarity as well as adds a hint of immortal polish that repeats the old procedures of swordsmiths.

The tsuba (monitor) of this sword is a show-stopper in itself, highlighting a mind boggling plan propelled by Japanese themes, delivered in rich gold and purple tones. The handle is envelope by real purple beam skin and embellish with gold silk ito (wrapping) that gives a protect hold as well as highlights the sword’s lavish stylish. The brilliant menuki (elaborate handle highlights) further supplement the glorious topic, making an amicable combination of workmanship and usefulness.

Made flawlessly, the Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword comes total with a lustrous lacquered casing, embellished with brilliant fittings that reflect the complicated subtleties of the handle. Whether showed as a masterpiece or employed with accuracy, this sword resounds with the soul of old Japan, exemplifying the persona of the samurai while radiating a quality of grandness and power that makes certain to spellbind gatherers and devotees the same.



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