Shinwa Satinsting Handmade Shirasaya


  • Sleek, clean design stands out in any display or collection, even amongst lavishly adorned, sumptuously appointed custom swords – a must-have for any collector
  • Full tang 29″ black Damascus steel blade – painstakingly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using proven, centuries-old techniques
  • Innovative, exclusive process puts “black” in “black Damascus” – result is blade with brooding dark beauty without equal
  • Seamless, fluid design from from kashira to saya base; discreet and stealthy; unique and eye-catching
  • Tough hardwood handle and saya, both with elegant, satiny smooth hand-lacquered finish
  • Hand lacquered wooden saya joins seamlessly with likewise-finished handle; protects blade, imparts elegance
  • Overall length: 40″ – easy to wield, easy to transport, hard to put down

Description of Shinwa Satinsting Handmade Shirasaya:

Smooth, clean moderate style; most extreme fierceness and capability
Shinwa’s smooth, eye-getting “SatinSting” Shirasaya Sword certainly stands separated from the rest and is an unquestionable necessity for any serious sword gatherer. Among even the best, most resplendent katana, wakizashi and other normal Japanese sword styles, this alluringly perfect, straightforward sword is a quick champion, sure to draw consideration and flash exuberant discussion. The customary shirasaya setup’s silky smooth lines, interesting staff-like shape and hand-lacquered hardwood development all make for a lovely illustration of Japanese swordcraft’s different plan assortment and tremendous tasteful reach.

Open your brain to invigorating new swordcraft conceivable outcomes
More than “stinger,” this able, end to end length cutting edge is additionally the enchantingly dim soul of the SatinSting and something like hand produced swordcraft at its zenith. It cuts easily through even the most difficult materials, holding its fine edge through even the most merciless preliminaries. Stunning, absolutely beguiling and obviously novel, the SatinSting sharp edge’s excellence is just as well honed as the edge, penetrating to the profundities of your creative mind – opening it to wondrous new metallurgical conceivable outcomes.

Each sharp edge encouraged and upgraded by hard work
The SatinSting’s particular dark Damascus is a turbulent ocean of differentiating lines, waves, twirls and other entrancing examples, all shrouded in a shadowy dim tint. Each line is an unmistakable assortment of steel, hammer welded and hand collapsed more than once to yield the a great many layers in each SatinSting cutting edge. The remarkable metalsmithing strategy’s foundations stretch back to the Medieval times, today it’s still carefully performed via prepared hands – no robotization, no automation. To make each Shinwa Satinsting Handmade Shirasaya edge, a Shinwa ace swordsmith shoots a heap of steel duds – each piece an alternate combination – in a white-hot produce until the metal gleams super hot.


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