Shinwa Purple Majesty Samurai Sword
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Shikoto Black Kogane Dynasty Forged Katana Sword
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Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword

Original price was: $813.94.Current price is: $406.97.

  • Full tang  29″ 1065 high carbon steel blade
  • Overall length: 41 1/2″

Description of Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword:

Bird of an alternate quill
The honorable crane – so loaded up with supernatural beauty that kung fu professionals mimic its sensitive, smooth motions. Chinese legend says an extraordinary crane ships the dead to life following death on its broad wings; societies all over the planet trust cranes to be carriers of life span and best of luck to the living. With its strength, smooth lines and close mythic feel, Sokojikara’s “Soul Crane” Katana is the unbelievable crane, represented.

The hand lacquered saya portrays the impressive bird through lively, brilliantly tinted customary Asian workmanship, and like a goliath crane taking off on the breeze, this affectionately hand tailored blade is genuinely something else. The Spirit Crane is lovely, eye-getting and no question amazing from the absolute first look. In any case, a considerable lot of the sword most prominent fortunes lie underneath its striking visual veneer. Some like mud treating  are even out and out elusive. The Sokojikara Soul Crane Handmade Katana Samurai Sword is a genuine sword craft goldmine.And constant to yield rich sword using encounters from the second you first handle the tsuka to your debut cut and each time you display it past.

Made of blood, sweat, tears, and premium 1065 steel
Sokojikara fostered the Soul Crane considering the serious fighter. Ace smiths meticulously hand fashion each cutting edge, and prepared crafts mans cautiously hand engraving and paint each saya. From enthusiastically pounding the undefined, liquid steel to warily tapping in the small wooden mekugi. Each move toward the Soul Crane’s development gets extreme attention to detail and exact meticulousness. A portion of the world’s and history’s most venerated, reliable methods are utilized, and each material is first in class. A quintessential model is the Soul Crane’s strong 1065 tanto sharp edge. One of the most sought-after high carbon prepares in current sword craft, 1065 alone would yield a sharp edge with a terrible chomp.


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