Spartan 300 Movie Helmet With Hairs

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Total Length: 15"
Width: 14"
Weight: 1.86 KG
Included with Hairs


The Historic 300 Spartan Helmet for sale

Spartan helmets are very old, historic and one of the popular artifacts which tell the exceptional story of the time when Spartans were in power. One of the strongest, the cruelest and most feared army in Greece were the Spartans, who originate from Sparta, a city in ancient Greece.

    • The Spartans rose to power between the 6th and 4th centuries BC.
    • This historical army was built by the philosopher

The Spartans were so strong that it was a commonly acknowledged that one Spartan was worth several men. Lycurgus proposed that Sparta should have a wall of men, instead of a wall of bricks. The Spartan army was known not only for its power in wars but also for known for their,

    • Fearlessness
    • Equality
    • Fitness
    • Strictness

The journey of a Spartan started at infancy when was tested by the Gerousia. If not found strong enough, he was left to die at Mount Taygetus. And those who passed the test would be put into agoge at the age of 7 years and their training would start. The boys would undergo sports and war training along with poetry, music, academics, etc. At the age of 30, those who passed agoge would become Spartan citizens.

300 Spartan Helmet with stand Specifications

The 300 Spartan movie Helmet with a display stand is available at a discounted price for $85.88 now.

    • Its total length is 15 inches.
    • Its total weight is 1.86kg.
    • Width of this helmet is 14 inches.
    • The color of 300 Spartan Helmet is golden.
    • Hair is also present on the upper side of this helmet.
    • The metal spartan helmet comes in high-quality brass as well as silver material.

 So, if you want a replica 300 Spartan Helmet, you should place your order right now. From history to movies, Sword Kingdom has all Greek helmets you would ever want to hold possession of. The real spartan helmet for sale is now available at much affordable price.

The Spartan helmet:

The Greek Corinthian helmet originated in Ancient Greece and this name was derived from the area Corinth. The helmet used to be of bronze and covered the entire head and neck of Greek soldiers. There were only slits for mouth and eyes and made breathing difficult for the Spartans. However, they still managed to defeat several armies during the reign of Spartans. During combat, the Spartan would wear the helmet tipped up to the front for comfort. The helmet would protect the nape of the neck and also the cheekbones of Green soldiers which was a facial feature of great pride for them. That’s why the ancient Greek helmet is very popular worldwide.

Importance of Spartan Helmet today

Due to the increasing popularity of Greek styled movies and shows, Greek helmets have become a modern fashion statement. People are fixated on owning these intriguing and heavy armors worn by the Greek warriors during wars. The most iconic of all Greek helmets are undoubtedly the Spartan helmets. It was first used by the Spartan soldiers of the City-State of Corinth in Ancient Greece. These helmets soon started gaining popularity and use in the whole of Greece. Moreover, even Trojan, Romans and Conquistadors helmets are influenced by the Spartan helmet!

The 300 Spartan Helmet for sale

At Sword Kingdom, we are offering the real, classic and historically accurate Spartan Corinthian helmet. These helmets are the ones that were used by Greek hoplites and Greek warriors in the past. They reflect the warzone and historic value that was once an integral part of the Greek kingdom.

As mentioned before, the Spartan helmet was made of brass. But we also offer then in steel. It not only holds historic value, is a modern fixation but also offers more functionality and is not just a showpiece. Moreover, we not only offer Greek helmets but also a limited number of pieces designed and wore in Frank Miller’s 300. Few points to ponder,  

    • Frank Miller’s 300 is a graphic movie about the Persian army’s effort to conquer Greece for the second time.
    • King Leonidas, along with famous Leonidas helmet, led 300 Spartans to the “ Hot Gates” and fought for 3 very difficult and taxing days.
    • This stylish story shows how the Spartans fight off 1 million Persian soldiers, monsters and creatures.
    • It may seem as if the Spartans would have accepted defeat from the Persians but with their military organization, skill, and courage; they came out triumph in the war.

At Sword Kingdom, we are offering this same 300 Spartan War Helmet for you to recreate the look and feel of Frank Miller’s legendary movie. The 300 Spartan Helmet for sale comes with a display stand so that your prized possession can be safe as well as easily showed off to guests and friends. The 300 Spartan helmet is a must-have item for collectors as well as re-enactors for the purpose of drama and shows. Although thousands of years have passed since the Spartan era, these helmets stay as protective and genuine as the ones used in real-life wars. Hence, the 300 Greek Spartan Helmet is a significant and historic display item as well as a piece of battle regalia.

Some precautions:

There are some precautions that are very essential for you to understand. Some of them are mentioned under for the interested buyers of 300 Spartan Warrior Helmet.

    • The total length is 15 inches. Use this helmet only if the size is suitable for you.
    • children below 12 year can’t wear this helmet as its weight is equal to 1.88 KG.
    • You need to take proper care of the hair attached on the top of this helmet.
    • Practice with this helmet in the vacant areas, otherwise, you might hurt someone.

After reading all the above data, description, features and other things related to this helmet, if you want to place your order for spartan helmet replica, then don’t be late. You can buy both, spartan helmet and shield from Swords Kingdom.

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