Spartan Warrior Spear from 300

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Overall Length: 84"
Two Piece metal shaft Screws together
Black finished Metal construction



The Legendary land of Sparta was one of the most important parts of ancient Greece. The land of Sparta had its own unique laws. These laws made Sparta's glory-time from about

    • 1000 BC to around 700 BC.

The Spartan culture was based on

    • Loyalty of state
    • Military service.

The Spartan society molded by these laws and culture was keen towards making perfect soldiers. To achieve their goal of creating perfect warriors they devised a brutal and merciless method of training, which was started at a small age of 7 years. Even the women of their society were trained to act as a last line of defense if their male army is destroyed. All of this led to the creation of one of the best standing army of its time. Warriors from Ancient Sparta were the greatest and deadliest warrior force of ancient Greece.


One of the most lethal items used by Spartan soldiers was The Spartan spear. Spartan's used many types of spears. Most famous of those spears are named

    • Xyston
    • Dory (Don't confuse it with the Dory of Finding Nemo, this thing is highly lethal).

Xyston was a long thrusting warfare product, while Dory was a mid-range item used primarily used by hoplites or the heavy infantry (Though King Leonidas used a Dory to cut open a hole in cheek of King Xerxes, at a long-range, you cannot question the authority of King Leonidas in this matter, can you??).

Product description:

We offer some of the best Spartan warriors spear replicas from the movie 300. Some of the prime features of our replica are as follow:

    • The lethal spear is very long and has the length of almost 84 inches
    • It comes with two pieces of a metal shaft with screws
    • Attractive looking finishing of black metal
    • Constructed with high-quality stainless steel.


The ancient spear Dory (literally meaning wood or spear) was more commonly used and was

    • About 2.4 meters long.
    • Its shaft was mostly made up of strong cornel wood with a razor-sharp bronze or iron tip
    • Which was able to pierce the body of Spartan’s enemies in a matter of seconds.
    • Sometimes they cover the shaft with leather to provide a better and more firm grip.
    • At the bottom side of spear/Dory, there was another piece of iron or bronze usually known as "Lizard Killer"(Sauroter).

This was a secondary blade was of multiple-use. It can either be used as a substitute in case the original spearhead broke off or it can be used to finish off fallen enemies by thrusting it into their chest. A typical Spartan spear featured

    • An iron spearhead
    • A lizard killer made of bronze.

The second and less used spear of Spartan warriors was Xyston (a name too cool for a spear, in my opinion, this should be a name of some exotic planet system in star wars). Xyston was

    • About 3.5 meters long
    • With a wooden shaft and iron spearhead.
    • It was a long-range thrusting item i.e. it was used to take down enemies from far away.
    • Due to its long height and massive weight, the Xyston is not a very balanced spear.

In order to make it a balanced spear the Xyston was also studded with razor-sharp blades at both ends giving it a sharp iron blade at one end and an equally sharp "Lizard Killer"(Just like the one in the Dory) made up of bronze at other ends, thus a lizard killer is much more useful in Xyston as compared to Dory. It is said that Alexander the Great himself was a great admirer and user of Xyston. This product was wielded with both arms leaving no hand for a shield, making its user lethal yet vulnerable. Since even the Spartans consider their safety a matter of paramount importance so they usually prefer a Dory over a Xyston, but this fact is not in any way implying that a Dory is a better spear then a Xyston both of them are deadly in their own way.

The Spartan warriors usually carry both of the spears along with many other fighting items including

    • Swords
    • Bows
    • Daggers

They were trained to choose among their items according to the situation, for example, to aim for a faraway enemy a warrior must choose

    • Xyston
    • Or a bow

While to finish an enemy standing just in front of you a warrior must choose

    • A dory
    • Or a sword.

The Spartan army along with their spears and perfectly build bodies were one of the fiercest armies to walk on ancient Greece. They were trained to love their land and to die for it.

"Spartans weren't potters, they weren't artists - They did nothing but fight. By the time a Spartan boy was eight years old, he was trained to do one thing, and one thing only and that was to kill his enemy." -Barry Jacobsen, Spartan expert.


As it is listed among very lethal items so you should be taken care of the following steps:

    • It is very long and you should take care while using it as it may hurt someone.
    • It should be used after proper training and that too away from fragile things.
    • Although we offer replicas it is strong enough to cause serious danger.
    • Keep it out of reach of children, so they may not get hurt or damage anyone else.
    • For great durability, you should take care of it even though it is of very high-quality stainless steel.


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