Spartan Warrior Spear from 300 (100 Pcs)


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Overall Length: 84″
Two-Piece metal shaft Screws together
Black finished Metal construction


The Legendary land of Sparta was one of the most important parts of ancient Greece. The land of Sparta had its unique laws. These laws made Sparta’s glory-time from about 1000 BC to around 700 BC. The Spartan culture was based on the loyalty of state and military service. The Spartan society molded by these laws and culture was keen towards making perfect soldiers. To achieve their goal of creating perfect warriors, they devised a brutal and merciless method of training, which started at an early age of 7 years.

Even the women of society trained to act as a last line of defense if their male army destroyed. All of this led to the creation of one of the best standing army of its time. Warriors from Ancient Sparta were the greatest and deadliest warriors force of ancient Greece. One of the most lethal items used by Spartan soldiers was The Spartan spear. Spartan’s used many types of spears. Most famous of those spears are named Xyston and Dory. Xyston was a long thrusting warfare product, while Dory was a mid-range item used primarily used by hoplites or the heavy infantry.

  • Sparton warrior spear is the replica spear from 300 movie.
  • 300 Movie Spartan Spear has 84 inches total length.
  • It is a two-piece metal shaft with screws.
  • Battle ready Spartan Spear is black finished metal construction.
  • 300 spear of Spartan is the best product for home decoration or cosplay.


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Can I buy this spear in bulk?

Yes, you can buy as per your requirements.

Will I get my product on the doorstep?

Yes, you will get your product at your doorstep.

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Shipping charges depends on your location.

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