Staff of Gandalf the White

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Overall Length: 68" with two pieces
White Finish
Wall mount with embossed design
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.07 KG


The staff of Gandalf the White

Swords Kingdom is presenting the known Staff of Gandalf the white from the famous movie stories. Gandalf, the white staff, looks particularly the same as the real controlled in the movie series. Gandalf was once popular by the name Gandalf the gray, and after a series of events, he altered the name to white. In this country, he became strong, active, and religious. The Replica Gandalf staff sword became his symbolic armament. He was regretting on the Saruman who was not worthy of his title. Controlling the great Gandalf staff, he aided Frodo Baggins and his mates, when they were passing through the center of the earth.

He became a part of the fellowship of the rings to end some of the rings. He is a part of Istari kinds that are non-human and ever-living powerful magicians. That is why we bring to you the replica Gandalf Staff so that you can see it for yourself. These magicians have no concern for other weak kinds and have those captives as assistants. Every Istarian has a crew to perform magic just like the crew of Gandalf the white. Because of the fantastic story, the Lord of the Rings Gandalf the white staff has a huge fan following around the globe.

Product Features:

This product comes with a display, and the best features of this fantastic product include these:

    • Gandalf the white staff, can be detached from the part that is below the grip.
    • It is manufactured from high ranked quality stainless steel characterizing a superior white finish all over.
    • The edged tip on the handle adds attractiveness to the model
    • The knob of the sword has an alluring framework design similar to the genuine sword carried in the story.
    • The Gandalf the white sword is simply a display of skillful artistry along with its attractive shape and style.
    • Grasp it to perform magic or to display it on the stand which comes free with it for your room.
    • It is the most suggested replica sword for serious and interested buyers.
    • The overall length of the sword is 68 inch, and its weight is 1.07 kg.
    • The LOTR Gandalf the white staff has White finish with high-quality stainless steel.

Gandalf is one of the most famous fictional characters in The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Here are some points that you must ponder about Gandalf.

    • He is a popular "Wizard" in LOTR
    • Member of "Istari Order"
    • Leader of "The Fellowship of the Ring"
    • Leader of "Army of the West"
    • Initially, in LOTR, he was known as "Gandalf the Gray."
    • After his rebirth, he was known as "Gandalf the White."

There were numerous names of Gandalf in Tolkien's writing. He says that he has many names in different countries.

    • Mithrandir among Elves
    • Tharkun among the Dwarves
    • Incanus in the South
    • Gandalf in the North

Gandalf is elderly, but an energetic magician who was a significant council at the assembly of Elrond, since he was familiar of the power of the One Ring consisted of, and the devil of the Dark Lord Sauron could achieve if he got his hands on that sword.


Some precautions are essential to know before buying Lord of the rings staff of Gandalf the white.

    • As the Lord of the Rings Gandalf staff can be detached from the grip; therefore, you need to take care of the parts.
    • It is made from stainless-steel quality. You must take care of LOTR staff of Gandalf the grey to increase its life span.
    • It is a large staff; therefore, you must practice with it in a vacant space. Otherwise, you may end up in danger.
    • Don't ever practice with this sword where you have fragile and breakable items.
Buy from the Swords Kingdom:

Due to such a fantastic storyline, the Staff of the Gandalf the White is very famous around the globe. If you are interested in buying Gandalf the white staff from online stores, then the Swords Kingdom will work best for you. We are offering a wide range of replica swords that are featuring in different movies. Do visit our other replica swords. In short, we are selling a Gandalf staff fellowship of the ring and other replica swords at reasonable prices.

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