You know Star Trek is an American science fiction series created by Gene Roddenberry. It is a story based on the space aliens; more than 300 different alien species are in the Star Trek. One of the famous specie in Star Trek is the Klingons. Klingons are the fictional species in this science fiction series. They were swarthy humanoids characterized by their cruelty and brutality. They have two real initial inspirations. One is Genghis Khan Mongols, and the second one is Communist Russia.

Because their brutality characterizes Klingons, so they use a different type of items for battle. These items are called Bat’leths. It is a curved blade prop that has four points and three handholds on the back. Indeed, you are now aware of it. Now, we have Star Trek Bat’leth in replicas version. These battle-ready metal Batleths props are available for sale at our store, swordskingdom. So, don’t wait and explore your favorite version from below. Furthermore, you can buy other replica props from our Movie Swords category.

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