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Klingon Bat’leth

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Overall Length: 47"
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 2.29 KG

Regular Price: $125.00

Special Price: $79.99


Star trek: Klingon Bat’leth Blade
Star trek is a familiar phrase for anyone who is in touch with what is going on in the world. Star trek is considered as a legendary franchise that has added a whole new level of possibilities in the category of science fiction. The franchise has a big fan base consisting of people from different age groups and countries. The franchise of star trek has successfully introduced some of the most iconic characters of the genre. Star trek has built its image as an everlasting classic that can withstand the test of time and reside inside the heart of many as the most complete science fiction franchise of all time.

Product Description:
Klingon Bat’leth (Batleth Kaufen) blade is one of the most commonly used weapons by the Klingons.

• The massive blade is crescent shaped and has pointy protrusions on both ends.

• The lower part of the blade is all wrapped of steel and for safety; we have covered the hand holds with black leather fabric.

• The three hand holds make the weapon more manageable to wield and swing about.

• As with all our replica’s and prop swords, Klingons Batleth is made with our standards of high precision and excruciating attention to detail.

• Klingon’s Batleth is over 47 inches long and weighs about 2.27 kg’s of pure steel.

• This beautiful sword comes with a display stand.

The franchise of star trek not only introduced a whole new level in science fiction genre but it also defined as a complete generations of geeks with the same mind set who dreamt about living their life in the universe of star trek.

The all time favorite and ever evolving of them are the Klingon’s. Klingon are an alien warrior race that appeared frequently in the series and emerged as one of the major military power of the galaxy that people feared and respected. Klingons, although an alien breed, resembled humans strongly. As with all depths of Star Trek universe, Klingon’s had their own culture, language, traditions and weapons and their very own fighting style.

The idea of star trek is about a futuristic universe of 23rd century where a number of different races are living on different galaxies and planets. But the true ingenuity of the franchise lies in the narrations of stories revolving around the adventures of human and other alien working in star fleet (star fleet is a force working for “united federation of planet” to maintain the law and order situation in the universe). Though most of the alien races in the star trek universe are willing to live in harmony and peace but still some of the aliens want to start a war and dominate other races, which is why star fleet is a necessary organization to stop these hostile races.

The Star trek universe is quite complex with the involvement of scientific concepts of black holes and time travels and things related to speed of light but it still is very much believable as every situation is justified with scientific theories.

As previously mentioned, that the franchise of star trek has given us some of the most iconic characters of all times including the infamous Spock and James Kirk. Spock is an intelligent and emotionless Vulcan (Vulcan is an alien race in star trek universe which almost look like human beings). The character of Spock is so interesting and famous that a number of different franchises have created some characters which closely resembles Spock i.e. characters with high intelligence but are emotionless and socially awkward. On the other hand James kirk is a human and son of a former star fleet employee (The father of James Kirk died while fighting for star fleet against the hostile alien race of Romulans). The franchise narrate us the story of James Kirk from being a careless, rough tough and daring teenager to a captain of USS enterprise one of the most sophisticated space ship in the starfleet.

The story of star trek mostly revolves around the adventures of USS enterprise as it boldly go where no man has gone before under the captaincy of James Kirk. Captain James Kirk along with Spock, Uhura, Bones, Scotty and some other notable character of the universe is destined to ride USS enterprise and tread the less taken road. With the help of its crew the USS enterprise is on a constant adventure of exploring new worlds and finishing any outlaws to maintain the peace in the Universe.

With such an outstanding plot and gripping story it does not come as a surprise that the franchise received a lot of positive response from viewers all around the globe and was soon hailed as one of the most successful and remembered stories in the genre of science fiction.

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