Star Trek Klingon Batleth 48" with Signatures & LOGO

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Total Length: 48"
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 2.29 KG


Star Trek Klingon Batleth
The bat’leth was a traditional Klingon blade weapon which is also known as the ‘Sword of honor’, and mainly used within canons. It is a famous melee weapon amongst the warriors skillful in martial arts of the Klingon Empire. It was developed and designed by Visual effects Producer of the movie “Star Trek, The Next Generation”, Dan Curry, for the Star Trek Franchise. Bat’leth is the iconic image connected with the show, according to Curry. It has a smaller version spawned also which is called “mek’leth”. Bat’leths is so popular that they have become the part of the culture, showing up in television programs exclusive of the Star Trek franchise. Bat’leths replicas are widely collected and used in costuming. Used in crimes often their legality has difference when it comes to countries. It is considered as the Iconic Image for Star trek Universe.

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We are presenting Klingon Batleth from the famous movie “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. You might have just seen this weapon in the movie but now you can purchase this daring yet elegant weapon and own it as yours.

• Klingon blade, an edged weapon has overall length of 48-inches, resembling shape of a crescent with 4 points.
• Klingon blade is made up of stainless steel and high-class Aluminum.
• This sword can be used with 3 handholds alongside of the curved blades.
• It features a leather-wrapped handle.
• Weight of Fatal Crest Keyblade Sword is 2.29 KG.

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Bat’leth was designed for the character “Worf” in the movie “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1990 by the visual effects producer. Worf is the first ever Klingon character which was portrayed in the Star Trek Movie. In 2340 Worf, the son of Mogh was born at the Klingon Homeworld. His parents moved to Khitomer Colony later after five years. During the surprise attack by the Romulans on the Khitomer’s outpost, Worf’s parents were killed. The Federation starship USS Intrepid answered the colony’s distress call. After failure in search of Worf’s living relatives, Sergey Rozhenko, Chief Petty Officer, took Worf along with him as he was found in rubble. Though he was brought-up in humans but his inner-soul was filled with mannerism and sense of humor of the Klingons.

Star Trek: The Next Generation portrays how Worf was designated as a lieutenant and ends up finding true love.

In 9th century around 25 A.D. Kahless, the Unforgettable formed the original bat’leth, according to Klingon mythology oral history. The story behind its formation is fantasized. It revolves around the incident when Kahless cut off his hair lock and dropped it into lava of Kri’stak volcano. Subsequently he formed the blade by twisting the lock after the burned lock was plunged into the Lusar Lake. The first Bat’leth was named as “The Sword of Kahless”. The sword represented the traditions and majesty of the Klingon Empire. It is just the right weapon to fill the heart of those enemies with fear who oppose the Klingon Empire. In Klingon Bat’leth means “Sword of Honor”. After the weapon was formed, it was used by him to fight against tyrant Molar defeating him to bring close the Klingon Homeworld, hence the weapon was named after it. The Klingon clerics passed down this anecdote verbally instead of getting it preserved in public texts. After Kahless’ death, the Sword of Kahless (Bat’leth) was kept preserved by the Klingons, till the time when it was stolen by Hur’q.

Later now, Bat’leth, a crescent shaped weapon was created as a prop to be used in the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation. Its blades were kept dull and less sharp along with the leather grip comforting handle so that handling and usage. As the producer was a martial artist himself he created this weapon on the basis “Chinese fighting crescent”. Introduced in “Reunion”, this weapon was inspired by the actor Michael Dorn, who played as Worf in the Movie, as he was of the thought that fight style of character shall portray martial arts rather than barbarian. The writer, Ronald D. Moore quite liked this idea as it was very close to his own thinking. The remarks of Dorn made Ronald to think of bat’leth as a distinct and stylized weapon. After taking in consideration such a prop, Moore took advice from Dan Curry for martial arts. Curry being a martial arts expert hasn’t only designed the Klingon bat’leth for conception but also played a major part in developing the intricate moves that were carried out during its handling. He disclosed that the script needed a special type of bladed weapon.

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