Glamdring Sword - Lord Of The Rings Replica - Sword Of Gandalf
Glamdring Sword - Lord Of The Rings Replica - Sword Of Gandalf Original price was: $530.00.Current price is: $265.00.
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Fully Functional Sokojikara Natsukashii Handmade Samurai Sword.
Fully Functional Sokojikara Natsukashii Handmade Samurai Sword Original price was: $510.50.Current price is: $255.10.

Strider’s Sword – Aragorn Rangers Replica – Lord Of The Rings

Original price was: $529.94.Current price is: $274.97.

  • Overall Length 47″
  • Blade Length 36″
  • It also has a genuine leather-wrapped grip and includes a wooden wall plaque

Description of Strider’s Sword

The Strider’s Sword set of three offers one more formally authorized generation sword in this reproduction of the sword of Strider. Strider was one of the puzzling Officers of the North, dreaded and doubt by the society of Eriador as a result of the Officers’ dismal appearance and traveling lives. Notwithstanding, the Officers shielded these equivalent individuals from the powers of fiendishness. Strider was as a matter of fact Aragorn, the main beneficiary of the crown of Gondor. This sword likewise offers a strong metal cross watchman and handle with antique metal completion and veritable cowhide wrape grasp. This thing incorporates a wooden wall plaque for conspicuous showcase.

The Strider’s Sword, a loyal imitation from the eminent legendary adventure “The Lord of the Rings,” exemplifies the embodiment of Aragorn, the bold Officer and beneficiary of the high position of Gondor. Made with fastidious meticulousness, this notorious cutting edge resounds with the soul of Center earth’s gallantry and experience.

With a cutting edge fashioned from great hardened steel, the Strider’s Sword – Lord Of The Rings exhibits a carefully scratched plan that portrays the story of Aragorn’s genealogy and boldness. The watchman and knob, embellish with endured metal surfaces, mirror the tough embodiment of the rough Officer’s life. The handle is envelope by certified calfskin, giving a safe grasp that empowers quick and exact strikes.

With a sword forged from high-quality stainless steel, the Lord Of The Rings showcases an elegantly etched design that narrates the tale of Aragorn’s lineage and valor. The guard and pommel, adorned with weathered metal textures, reflect the rugged essence of the rugged Ranger’s life. The hilt is wrap in genuine leather, providing a secure grip that enables swift and precise strikes.

Whether displayed as a collector’s piece or wielded in the spirit of Aragorn’s heroism, the Strider’s Sword replica encapsulates the courage, nobility, and indomitable will that define the character’s journey throughout “The Lord of the Rings.” It stands as a tangible tribute to one of fiction’s most beloved figures, ready to transport admirers into the heart of Tolkien’s enchanting world.



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