Stun Gun with Flashlight and Holster


Overall Length : 7 1/4inch

Overall Material : Anti-grip rubber coating and a ridged grip


Product description of Stun Gun with Flashlight and Holster :

The Stun Gun with Flashlight and Holster is a strong and flexible self-protection device intended to give wellbeing and security in different circumstances. Joining the usefulness of an extreme focus spotlight with the staggering force of an immobilizer, this gadget offers clients a solid method for security against possible dangers.

At the center of this gadget is its immobilizer include, which conveys a non-deadly electric shock to weaken attackers and deflect assailants. With various degrees of voltage and power, clients can change the immobilizer settings to suit their necessities and inclinations, guaranteeing successful safeguard in any circumstance. The immobilizer’s minimal and ergonomic plan makes it simple to deal with and send, taking into account speedy and conclusive activity when confronted with risk.

Notwithstanding its immobilizer capacities, this gadget likewise includes an underlying spotlight with a powerful Driven bulb. Offering splendid brightening in low-light circumstances, the electric lamp gives clients improved perceivability and situational mindfulness, making it more straightforward to distinguish likely dangers and explore dim conditions. Whether utilized for open air exercises, strolling around evening time, or crisis circumstances, the electric lamp guarantees that clients can see and be seen, adding an additional layer of wellbeing and security.

Included with the Immobilizer is a solid holster, intended for secure capacity and helpful convey. Created from tough materials, the holster gives insurance to the gadget while likewise taking into account speedy and simple access when required. Its flexible plan includes a waist band and clasp connection choices, guaranteeing that clients can convey their immobilizer serenely and prudently any place they go.

Generally, the Stun Gun with Flashlight and Holster is a dependable and viable self-preservation device that offers genuine serenity and security in a smaller and helpful bundle. Whether utilized for individual wellbeing, proficient security, or open air undertakings, this gadget furnishes clients with the certainty and affirmation they need to remain no problem at all in any circumstance.


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