S&W Key Cap Pepper Spray


  • Weight: 3/4 oz net
  • Key cap
  • Immobilizing an assailant for up to 30 minutes

Description Of S&W Key Cap Pepper Spray:

S&W Key Cap Pepper Spray is a conservative and strong self-preservation instrument intend to give true serenity and security any place you go. With its imaginative key cap plan, this pepper spray flawlessly coordinates into your everyday daily practice, guaranteeing you’re constantly ready to protect yourself in any circumstance.

At the core of the S&W Key Cap Pepper Spray is its intense pepper recipe, got from Capsicum Oleoresin, a characteristic substance extricated from stew peppers. This equation is fastidiously created to convey most extreme halting power, debilitating aggressors and giving you valuable minutes to escape from risk. The shower’s high grouping of oleoresin capsicum makes serious disturbance the eyes, skin, and respiratory framework, successfully deflecting aggressors without actually hurting long-lasting.

The reduced size of the S&W Key Cap Pepper makes it simple to convey circumspectly on your keychain, satchel, or pocket, guarantee it’s consistently reachable when you want it most. The key cap plan disguises the pepper spray as well as gives speedy and simple access, permitting you to convey it quickly in a crisis.

Developed in view of sturdiness and dependability, this pepper spray includes a solid plastic packaging that shields the canister from harm and unintentional release. The solid security hook forestalls accidental use, giving you added true serenity while conveying it in your sack or pocket.

The S&W Key Cap Pepper Spray is outfit with a strong shower design that arrives at up to 10 feet, permit you to avoid your aggressor while successfully killing the danger. The shower spout conveys a reliable stream of pepper equation, guaranteeing exact focusing on and limiting the gamble of blowback or overspray.

Whether you’re walking alone at night, jog in the park, or navigating unfamiliar surroundings, having the Pepper Spray by your side provides an extra layer of protection and confidence. Empower yourself with this reliable and convenient self-defense solution, and take control of your personal safety with S&W.


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