Sword Art Online Surprises with Yukki Return in War of Underworld

Alicization is presently driving its direction through the last War of Underworld circular segment, and the most current episode was brimming with a few exceptionally amazing flashbacks to the past of the series. In any case, probably the greatest astonishment of everything was that Yuuki, who was most recently seen in Sword Art Online II’s subsequent bend, advanced back to the anime in the freshest episode too. As the War for Underworld keeps on attracting significant partners and adversaries all through the series’ run, there have previously been a few unforeseen appearances, for example, the pair from the Ordinal Scale film. However, this one is somewhat more exceptional.

Konno Yuuki was first presented during the second bend of Sword Art Online’s second season as Asuna developed nearer with her, and before long figured out that she was very sick. It was one of the more passionate circular segments in the series generally speaking, so it was most certainly an immense arrangement to see Yuuki’s soul continue and even return in the freshest episode of the series to help Asuna once again.

As we find in Episode 18 of War of Underworld, Yuuki momentarily gets back to the anime in soul to give Asuna that last push she wants to go after Vassago when she’s lost all expectation. As a matter of fact, it was such a lift to her soul that the frameworks in the Underworld really channel it into another sort of force. This awards Asuna a couple of other-worldly wings and gives her a major lift for a last assault on Vassago.

Sadly, this lift was not to the point of bringing down Vassago for good however essentially Asuna isn’t battling alone any longer. As the most current episode reached a conclusion, it was uncovered that Asuna and the others were effectively ready to awaken Kirito from his trance like state and presently the cadence of the conflict is swinging back in the other bearing. What is your take?