Alexander Macedonian Sword Gold Platted


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Product Details of Alexander Macedonian Sword

  • Total Length: 29″
  • Blade Length: 21″
  • Handle Length: 8″
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Design on 1 side of the blade
  • Free Display Stand

Product Description:

Like the other legendary swords highlighted here, the Alexander Macedonian Sword is a prominent weapon wielded by the hero in his epic adventures. In the film, it is referred to as the Macedonian Sword, symbolizing the hero’s conquests of distant regions and vast territories.

The movie delves into the hero’s life, portraying his childhood and his transformation into a powerful leader and courageous warrior who ascends to the throne of Macedonia. Embarking on a journey that would reshape world maps, he declares war on the mighty Persian Empire and engages in battles with the Indians.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is revered as the supreme god, and his son, Alexander, is considered the strongest. Praised as a great warrior, the Alexander the Great Sword epitomizes the ideal weapon for a conqueror of his stature, blending artistry and beauty showcased in the movie.

More Details About Our Sword

Our replica faithfully recreates this cinematic sword, featuring intricate Greek designs on its double-edged blade. Crafted with cast steel, the sword boasts a smooth curve and lightweight construction, making it easy to carry during conquests.

For customers seeking to acquire the Alexander Sword online, our Swords Kingdom store offers enticing deals. Purchasing from us not only secures the sword but also includes a wooden stand for an impressive display. The Alexander the Great Sword, with its unique features and measurements, stands as one of the most sought-after movie swords.

To obtain this iconic sword, simply place your order online, enjoying a substantial discount. While similar items often exceed $100 in price, Swords Kingdom provides significant cost savings for online buyers.

Alexander the great sword is one of the most excellent ones considering its design, the material and the shape of the sword. For more replica swords, you can visit our movie and TV swords category, Fantasy Swords Category, Belly Dance Swords Category and others.

What things come free with this replica sword?

A display stand comes free with this replica sword.

Can I buy it in bulk amount?

Yes, you can buy as per your needs.

Is it a sharp-edged replica?

No, the edges of Alexander the Great replica aren’t sharp.
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