Alexander Macedonian Gold Plated Sword

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Total Length: 29"
Blade Length: 21"
Handle Length: 8"
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Design on 1 side of blade
Weight: 1.29 KG

Regular Price: $135.00

Special Price: $58.56


Alexander Sword
The alexander the great sword is one of the most famous and wanted movies swords and its unique features along with its measurements are given here. This Alexander sword has a length of 29” in total out of which about 8” is the handle length which accounts for about 1/4th part of the sword while the rest of 21” are for the length of the blade of the Sword. It has a weight of 1.29 Kg and it comes with a very fine wooden stand and polished stainless steel to account for its beauty and strength. The material and the design of the replica are just according to the best standards of quality. If you would like to get the Sword, you can get it online by placing your order and you will also be enjoying a very good discount. Mostly, these items have a price about more than $100 but buying it online can save you quite a good lot of your money. Alexander the great sword is one of the most excellent ones considering its design, the material and the shape of the sword.

Exclusive facts about the sword:-
Like most of the other swords mentioned here, this one is also the replica of the one that hero of the movie carries with him during his adventures. In the movie, they also call it the Macedonian Sword and the hero of the movie is shown to be the colennqueror of many remote regions and vast areas. The movie shows the life of the hero and different aspects of his life when he was a child and then grew up to become a powerful person with the qualities of a fine leader and a brave warrior who stood up and got the throne of the Macedonia. This was when he was about to begin the journey that changed the world maps as he declared war on the great empire of Persia and went on to battle the Indians. In the movie, it is shown how he strives to keep his whole kingdom united and merged as one land. Since he was very successful in his battles, the people of his kingdom started to praise him as a one of the many other gods of the Greek mythology and the ones who were more astounded at his accomplishments went a step further and called him the Son of Zeus. In the Greek mythology, Zeus is regarded as the supreme god of all gods and therefore, his son is the strongest one. Actually, Hercules is the esteemed son of Zeus and he has a legend of his own and this title was just given to Alexander to show impressed those people were with his conquests, his bravery and his skills. Alexander was actually one of those rulers who had conquered most part of the world known at that time and he was going for completing his quest of conquering the whole world but life was too short as he died an early death when he was still in his thirties and therefore his dream could not be realized. He is still praised today as a great warrior and the Alexander the great sword is just the best sword that a warrior like him should have carried during his conquests and adventures into the world. We have a replica of this sword that was shown in the movie and the replica is just the best combination of artistry and beauty that best suits a sword for a conqueror like Alexander. This is a double edged sword that has beautiful Greek designs on it from ancient times and the blade has a very nice and smooth curve and the cast steel is used in its making to give it the unique shade that it possess. It is easy to carry this Alexander the great sword around because of the light weight. For the customers who would like to get the Alexander Sword online, there are some great deals that are offered at the online stores and you should try to take maximum benefit of these deals. Getting the Alexander Sword from the online store will get you a wooden stand as well so that you can display the sword with its full might.

Enjoy Safely
Some of the precautions you should take are that always use secure means of money transfer and never buy anything from websites that have security issues.
Do not use the replica swords and other such items in crowded places as they implicate fear and can cause problem for you even if they are replica.
Keep the sword from the reach of the children as it is not suitable for them to handle and can result in unwanted results. So, you should keep the Alexander the great sword in a secure place for security issues.

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