Fantasy Odin Sword from Comics

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Product Details:

  • Blade Length: 31.5″
  • Handle Length: 9″
  • Free Display Stand
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sword’s Weight: 1.38 KG

Fantasy Odin Sword from Comics Description:

One of the best Shop/Fantasy Swords ever manufactured is now easily available on the site of Shop/Fantasy Swords. The famous and legendary Sword of Odin right from the Asgard has finally arrived and been introduced to the customers. It has come to present you with all of its fame. It looks appropriate as the imagined sword handled by the Norse God himself. Odin was a leading God in the Norse tradition, (a subset of Germanic culture and assumptions) and the king of Asgard (Where all the Gods lived). He demonstrated it in the books and comics as controlling this sword. The sword of Odin came into view in many comic books and cartoons presented by Marvel. In a Comic Odin Sword, the sword is shown having an extension of thousands of miles. The evil dragon Surtur embezzled it from the authority of the Norse God. The sinful forces stole this sword for the demolition and devastation of the world. There was a prediction that if the sword pulled out of the sheath, it would wipe out the whole world. So the unified forces of superheroes along with Thor (the offspring of Odin) try to overthrow the Surtur and rescue the world in time.

The sword of Odin is manufactured with exact and accurate detailing and with the best level of excellence. It looks close enough to the genuine one. The most noteworthy thing in the whole sword is that it is linked with a crossguard and a grip. The heavy metal handle has traditional patterns on it, which augments the terror of this clone sword. The crossguard contains two horns-like curvaceous projections that stand with dignity. The guard evolves into a sharp tip end in the middle. The pommel of Odin Sword possesses a creature-like icon on it. The pointed steel blade is made of quality stainless steel. The blade has certain spiked-like projections on both two sides. However, these are not pointed.

  • The total length of the Fantasy Odin Sword from Comics replica is 40.5 inches.
  • The total length includes 31.5 inches blade length, and 9 inches handle length.
  • You will get a display stand-free along with the replica sword.
  • It is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The total weight of the Fantasy Odin sword is 1.38 KG.

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Can I get a sharpen blade?

Yes, you can get a sharpen blade but you will pay $5 extra charges.

Which things come free with this product?

Only a display stand comes free with this product.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping charges depend on your location.

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Weight 3.5 kg

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    This is really a quality sword that I use for my home decoration. I am happy with my purchase.

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  • Cody WiarekCody WiarekAffordable Rates

    I purchased Glamdring Sword as my first sword for my collection as I had only collected knives previously, this is an incredible start. For the price of $73 & 5 days shipping, It is a top quality product. I am very much happy with sword's quality, price.

  • Keith ConwayKeith ConwayAwesome Quality

    I would highly recommend the Swords Kingdom website to those people who are looking to add Katana Swords in their collection at very affordable rates. They are selling high-quality stainless steel blades with safe packaging.

Fantasy Odin Sword from Comics