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Sword of Peter - Narnia 45"

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Overall 45 inches
Blade Length 32 inches
Handle Length 13 inches
Handle Material Rosewood with Metal Ring Guard Width 8.25
Free Mild leather Sheath

Regular Price: $265.00

Special Price: $76.92


The all-time favorite Sword of Peter PevensieNarnia is finally here. The Replica Sword is the exact copy of the original one as seen in the film series. The Chronicles of Narnia film series are based on the novel series written by C. S. Lewis. Three films have been made so far among seven books. The swords of High King belongs to Peter Pevensie who appeared in the movie series. We made this cheap sword from the best quality materials and precise detailing. The series shows the story of four children and their journey to a mysterious land of Narnia. There, they encounter with a talking lion who is the true King of Narnia. Peter is one of the four children who helped Aslan in defeating the White Witch. Peter trained hard to become strong. He was eldest of the four Pevensie children. He risked his life for the people of Narnia. Finally, he was able to reject Witch’s spell with his Rhindon sword. At last, Peter became the High King of Narnia. He gets authority over all the Kings and Queens. Prince Caspian was the second movie in the Narnia series. The story shows how the four Pevensie children are transported to the land of Narnia where 1300 years have passed. The land of Narnia is invaded by Telmarines. Prince Caspian needs help to recruit his throne against his corrupt uncle.


The Rhindon sword is an artistic and ornamental item. The handle features Rosewood with Metal Ring Guard. The rich, ornamental lion’s head is placed on the pommel. This lion’s head is a head statue for Aslan himself. Get hold of this cheap sword and travel through the land of Narnia. It is an attractive sword for all the Narnia fans. Buy swords from our online store and get exclusive discounts.

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