Sword Of Robin Hood


  • Overall Length  40 Inches

Product Details:

  • Robin Hood and his happy men are notable right up to the present day.
  • Praise this darling people legend and his finesse team by getting the Sword of Robin Hood.
  • Produced using mirror cleaned 420 stainless steel, the edge of this blade has on one side the models of Robin Hood, Minister Fold, and Little John also known as John Little encompassed by beautiful vine details .
  • On the opposite side of the cutting edge is the Sheriff of Nottingham and his colleagues. Under the crossguard is the Marto stamp.
  • The crossguard highlights gold conditioned stags, heavenly messengers, and a focal cross safeguard. The grasp is elective stripes of engraved plants and dim cowhide.
  • The handle has a focal green stone encompassed by a circle. The circle has Robin of Locksley composed on one side and Earl of Huntington on the opposite side.
  • The plants on the grasp and the composition on the handle are likewise gold conditioned. This memorial sword looks perfect in any blade assortment and makes an extraordinary gift.



In the heart of Sherwood Forest, where the old trees murmured mysteries and the tunes of opportunity reverberated through the breeze, a legend was conceived. This is the story of “The Sword of Robin Hood,” a story that goes past the notable ditties and digs into the untold experiences of the incredible criminal.

Robin Hood, a name verbally expressed in quieted tones by those persecuted by oppression, was something beyond a gifted toxophilite and expert of mask. His unfaltering obligation to equity and his undying dependability to his band of joyful buddies manufactured a bond that even the haziest powers of Nottingham couldn’t break.

Yet, this story isn’t about Robin alone. About a weapon turned out to be something other than a device of safeguard; it turned into an image of trust. The Sword of Robin Hood, a sharp edge repute to have the strength of the actual timberland, said to have manufacture by the hands of gifted craftsmans and saturate with the pith of Robin’s unstoppable soul.

As the Sheriff of Nottingham’s hold fixed on the persecuted individuals, murmurs of the incredible sword started to circle. Some accepted it was the way to bringing down the sheriff’s rule, while others excused it as simple fables. However, as the calls of foul play developed stronger and the flames of defiance spread, the requirement for an image to lift up turned out to be more obvious than any time in recent memory.

Go along with us on an excursion through Sherwood Backwoods and the misleading ways of middle age Britain. Find the fellowship, the trying heists, and the determined quest for opportunity that characterized Robin Hood and his band.However, Reveal reality behind the Sword of Robin Hood and its importance in a world longing for a legend.

Moreover, “The Sword of Robin Hood” isn’t simply an account of courage and clever. An update even in the haziest of times, a solitary sharp edge, employed by the right hand and driven by a respectable heart, can steer history and move ages to come.



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