Sword of Vaelen from Kit Rae


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Product Details:
Overall Length: 38″
Blade Length: 28.5″
Handle Length: 9.5″
Free Display Stand
High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Sword’s Weight: 0.74 KG

The look-alike Sword of the Kit Rae who is known for his chimera and relics designs. The same creator who designed the sword also wrote the story; ‘Swords of the Ancients’ which is well known for his life shaking stories. He designed a series of Shop/Fantasy Swords in his life. Some of his outstanding Swords are easily accessible on this site. The Elexorian Sword of Vaelen is one of his respected work of art and a true example of perfection, chef d’oeuvre.

Conferring To His Tale:
When the Dark Master of Shadows became invincible and became a symbol of insecurity, hazard, and pitfall for the whole of mankind, it was Queen Vielen who showed up to combat with him. The Dark Lord assembled all the evil forces and created a race of faithless and deceptive horned creatures. He titled these beasts as the battalion of the Black Legion and armed them with lethal weapons. He sent the battalion to assassinate every last human and destroy mankind on the earth and tried to take over the main empires in his surroundings. At that certain time, Queen Vaelen assembled the people of her Kingdom and sent her battalion to end this all. She realized that the lord got his abilities and powers from his Sword, so she tried to clasps his sword.

Look at this appealing sword having a fairy tale with an interesting end with it. The Vaelen Sword features a black covered leather handle. The knob on the hilt looks like the Crown of the Queen. The panel has semi pointed tips on the two sides. Two rings with a small metal part existing at the center of the guard. The overall length of the sword is 38 inches with blade length 28.5 inches and the handle length of 9.5 inches. The total weight of the sword is 0.74 KG and it comes with a sheath and stands. The sword consists of a slender and elongated blade made of highly gleaming stainless steel. An eye catching and attention drawing design etched on the metal of the guard. Kit Rae sword of Vielen is surely a pocket friendly Sword with an appealing design. One can use this attractive master piece for exhibiting purpose in the room. Purchase Swords from the Swords Kingdom in affordable price

The sword of light of the Ancients array has captivated us for years now. Each of these swords is a dazzling model of imagination design and execution. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit the past. In that tone, we are giving you the sword of the Ancient group: The Sword of Vaelen.

The sword of light is typical of the known Kit Rae style, with strong Celtic and Gothic effects, this blade is a wonder of artistry. The most Sold out model of the sword of Vaelen is Model number UC1121.

The kit rae sword of light overall length is 38 inch with blade length 28.5 inches. Blade thickness is 3/16 inch. The blade is made up of 420 Js stainless steel. The grip of this sword has cast metal with a unique plated finish and an ABS grip. Celtic style design with distinct crossguards and pommels with black ivory simulated fluted grip.

The Ancients Collection
In the start of things in the past, there were the Ancient Ones, lord of flesh, fire, and steel, they heated the elements of which the land was made. When men and beasts arrived into the world the Ancient Ones intended to dominate over them, hence they ordered that the Dark Elves produce the “Swords of the Ancients.” They hammered and heated the secret alloys and each sword possessed its own unique and distinct power. The swords have been worn from the start to finish throughout all the ages in the endless struggle among good and evil.

Designed by imaginary artist Kit Rae, these high characteristic adult antique swords characterizes each specific aspect of this sword is a detailed and elaborated manner. Solid metal handle parts are positioned, sharp steel blades made of 420 stainless steel. Each sword comes with a full-color art print and a fresh new chapter in “The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients.

There were many various swords of the ancient but the most sold-out ever sword is The Sword of Vaelen. It is a charming sword with detailing. The series of ancient swords has enchanted us for years. The sword’s purpose is to eliminate and eradicate evil from our society which has inspired many people. The appealing and eye-catching feature of the sword gives the worth of your money and is easily available on the sword kingdom’s website. The price is discounted and pocket friendly. A perfect sword of a light piece of Art can be used as a display in your home. Go grab it before it gets sold out.

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