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Officially licensed replica from The Hobbit series. This highly detailed replica from The Hobbit was constructed to match the actual filming prop exactly. Known as Sting, Bilbo Baggins’ sword features a 15-3/8″ stainless steel blade, solid metal hilt parts, and an intricately detailed vine motif on the handle. It includes a wooden wall mount display plaque to showcase it in dramatic fashion. 22-1/2″ overall length


Bilbo Baggins is the main protagonist in the Hobbit and the secondary character in the Lord of the Rings. He was the Hobbit of the Shire. Hobbit was the ancient mortal race that lives in the middle earth and also known as Halflings. While the Shire is the homeland of most of the hobbits. It was located in the northwestern portion of Middle earth. Gandalf suggested that he hire Bilbo Baggins as the burglar in the Quest of Erebor, and he also fought in the Battle of Five Armies. Bilbo was one of the bearers of the One Ring. Bilbo adopted his cousin Frodo Baggins after his parents drowned in the Brandywine River.

Bilbo Baggins uses an iconic sword called the Sword of Bilbo Baggins or Sting Sword. Sting was the Elven short sword that made in the first age in Gondolin. Bilbo Baggins discovered the Sting Sword again in the TA 2941. He used it later in the Quest of Erebor and passed it to his cousin Frodo Baggins. The main quality of Sting was it shine with a cold light when an Orc comes near. It was the best sword to cut through the webs of giant spiders in the Mirkwood.

The replica of filming prop constructed by Weta Workshop Includes a certificate of authenticity Includes wooden wall mounting plaque. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings Bilbo Baggins Sword and want to buy an official sword, then read the product details given below.

  • The overall length of Sting Sword of Bilbo Baggins is 22 ½ inches.
  • It is a highly detailed replica that is made to match the actual filming prop exactly.
  • The length of the steel blade is 15 3/8 inches.
  • You will get a wooden wall plaque with this replica sword.
  • Replica Sting Sword of Bilbo Baggins is the best product for your home decoration.


We offer Sting Sword replica with officially licensed at our store, order now, and get it on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. You can buy other Hobbit Swords like Sting Sword with Gold Plated fitting or Glamdring Sword of Gandalf the Grey.

Can I get this sword in bulk?

Yes, you can get this sword in bulk.

Which things comes free with the Sword of Bilbo Baggins?

A wooden wall plaque comes free with the Sword of Bilbo Baggins.

How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depends on your location.

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