Tidus Brotherhood Sword

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Overall Length: 34"
Blade Length: 25"
Handle Length: 9"
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.96 KG



Tidus Brotherhood Sword

This Tidus Brotherhood Sword is very stylish, durable and good sword and is also source of attraction for many people especially children. Those who like this sword, can now easily buy this sword from any online store or retailer. The overall length of this sword is about 39 inches and the length of its blade is about 28.5 inches. The length of its handle is about 10.5 inches. This is a very heavy sword and its weight, including the wooden stand is about 7 kilograms and the weight of this sword is about 1.96 kilograms. This is relatively a heavier sword than other swords and it can be difficult to handle. Display stand is also offered by some of the retailers. The handle of this sword is very stylish. The end of this sword is not pointed, but twists at the end. Tidus sword replica is liked by many people all over the world.

This famous Tidus Brotherhood Sword belongs to the famous childish character Tidus. He was a blitzball player. When his home town was attacked by Sin, who was a monster, he was moved to another far away place. He was moved to the world of Spira. There he met a summoner and his guardians. Then a character named Yuna came to stop Sin and in all the way to his home, Tidus thought of his homeland, his childhood and how he will be able to defeat the evil lord Sin, who attacked his city, when he was very weak. Tidus was very careless in the beginning, but after when the things and the environment changed, he became very responsible and started to understand things. He, then became very responsible and gave good ideas to his fellows. He did not care much about the situation and what was going around him. He also used to laugh at the summoners and considered them idiots. He used to wear very colored clothes and looked always like a teen. He always use to wear a multi colored dress. His father was a good blitzball player. He always liked the game of his father and always wanted to become a good person like his father. His father was also a source of determination for him. When his father passed away, then he decided to play blitzball player. He joined Yuna and mostly Yuna was with him on all his journeys. This tidus sword replica had been always with him and helped him in all fights. This Tidus Brotherhood Sword originally belonged to Chappu, who died some years ago and this sword was known for its unique style. This bottom of this sword extends into a hook and a red gem is also used in its handle.

This Tidus Brotherhood Sword is very good and heavy and the material used in this sword is stainless steel. Stainless steel helps the sword look very beautiful. Its handle is very stylish as the character holding this sword was also very stylish and was a teenager. You can also become an expert using this sword if you train with full zeal and zest. This replica sword offered by many of the retailers is not original, but because of its quality, this looks like an original sword. The shape of its handle is very unique and looks like the face of a dragon. Overall, this sword is very good and looks like an original one. Children like this sword very much because they got inspired by the character Tidus. You can also get discount if you order online. Some retailer also offers good discount if you buy more than one Tidus Sword. You can also buy this sword online, if you are not living in the same country as the retailer. A god trainer or teacher is required, if you want to become a professional. You can train and will be able to move this sword accurately and precisely. Make sure you train in a suitable place, so that you don’t hurt anyone. Do not train in an extreme weather, as this can may affect your training and you may face serious problems like dehydration and may lose your weight. Make sure you also work hard regarding you body workout. In this way you will feel much better and you will also be able to move this heavy sword very easily. Handling the heavy swords is not an easy task. Also make sure you start your training with a lighter sword. In this way you will be able to learn tricks easily and it will be easier for you to shift on a heavy sword. Make sure you follow all the precautionary steps. As you know that safety comes first. Be proud of your product by buying this Tidus Sword.

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