Knuckle Buster Sling Shot - Heavy-Duty Metal
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Night Watchman 5 Million-Volt Stun Gun
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Umarex 50-Caliber Home Defense Pepper Ammo Air Pistol

Original price was: $315.94.Current price is: $157.97.

  • 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Six-round magazine

Description Of  Umarex 50-Caliber Home Defense Pepper Ammo Air Pistol:

The Umarex 50-Caliber Home Defense Pepper Ammo Air Pistol is an imposing expansion to any self-protection munititions stockpile. Planned in light of accuracy and power, this air pistol offers a special mix of lethality and non-deadly impediment, settling on it an optimal decision for home security situations.

At the center of this pistol’s plan is its 50-type chamber, which gives more than adequate space to stacking specific pepper ammunition. This ammo is explicitly designed to convey a strong payload of pepper powder upon influence, crippling aggressors and taking into consideration a protected departure or balance of dangers. The utilization of non-deadly pepper adjusts guarantees that clients can uphold themselves actually without hurting super durable.

Made with quality materials and fastidious tender loving care, the Umarex pistol flaunts strength and dependability in any circumstance. Its solid development guarantees steady execution, much under unfriendly circumstances, while its ergonomic grasp and lightweight plan make it simple to deal with and move.

Outfitted with a scope of elements to upgrade convenience and viability, this air gun is a flexible instrument for home guard. Its flexible sights empower exact pointing, guaranteeing precision over shifting distances, while its smooth trigger activity takes into consideration quick and controlled terminating. Moreover, an inherent wellbeing component forestalls inadvertent release, giving inner harmony to clients and their families.

Past its reasonable usefulness, the Umarex pistol likewise offers an impediment impact, hindering expected interlopers with its impressive appearance and imposing standing. The simple sight of this weapon can act as an advance notice to would-be attackers, discouraging them from endeavoring any crime.

The Umarex 50-Caliber Home Defense Pepper represents a powerful blend of innovation, reliability, and effectiveness in self-defense. Whether used as a primary means of protection or as a complement to other security measures, this pistol provides individuals with the confidence and capability to safeguard themselves and their loved ones in any situation.


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