US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife And Sword Set


  • Overall sword length:27 1/2″
  • Knife Blade: 7″
  • Sword Blade: 19 3/4″
  • Overall blade knife length: 12″

Description of US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife And Sword Set:

An extraordinary expansion to your verifiable weapons assortment, the Fighting Knife and Sword Set gives both of you pieces that honor the first WWII battle weapon. The set incorporates the client favorite 1942 Combat Fighting Knife and sword.

It has a non-intelligent harden steel sharp edge and the exemplary stack calfskin handle that this sword was known for. The sword was motivate by the notable battle fix sharp edge, giving you the memorable stack cowhide handle, which upholds the dark, Double-Edged Combat . Both the knife and the sword edges are step with “US 1942”.

The Knife and Sword Set is a generally critical and worship assortment of military-grade weaponry from The Second Great War. Made with accuracy and intend for the afflictions of battle, this set exemplifies the soul and boldness of the American troopers who battle during that period.

The highlight of this set is the Combat Fighting Knife, a hearty and flexible blade known for its uncommon strength and viability. With a 7-inch carbon steel cutting edge, it was intend for tight situation battle and utility errands. The stacked calfskin handle gives a safe hold even in unfavorable circumstances.

Going with the knife is the similarly noteworthy Sword. Including a 20-inch edge, it is an imposing skirmish weapon intend for hostile and protective use. The sword’s grip is enhance with an unmistakable and fancy knob, adding to its tasteful allure.

Both the knife and sword accompany cowhide sheaths for insurance and simplicity of conveying. The set is a recognition for the dauntlessness and commitment of the American servicemen who depended on these devices during quite possibly of the most crucial period ever.

Whether you’re a gatherer, student of history, or devotee, the US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife and Sword Set is a dazzling piece of military history that catches the quintessence of a former period. Its plan, craftsmanship, and verifiable importance make it an unquestionable requirement for any serious gatherer or admirer of The Second Great War memorabilia.


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