USMC Combat Kit - Premium Blades
USMC Combat Kit - Premium Blades Original price was: $189.94.Current price is: $94.97.
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Combat Commander Saber Sword
Combat Commander Saber Sword Original price was: $315.92.Current price is: $157.96.

USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword

Original price was: $139.94.Current price is: $69.97.

  • Overall length: 27 1/2”

Description of USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword:

The USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword is an impressive and subtle weapon, intended to satisfy the demanding guidelines of the US Marine Corps. This outstanding sword is an image of force and accuracy, exemplifying the tip top preparation and unflinching devotion of Marine Corps staff.

At 18 crawls long, this situation with two sides is masterfully adjusted for ideal taking care of and mobility. Its smooth shut down plan lessens glare, making it ideal for evening activities and secretive missions. Created from premium tempered steel, the edge is especially sharp and tough, guaranteeing its viability in battle situations.

The sword includes an end to end length development, upgrading its solidarity and soundness, making it a dependable buddy in high-stakes circumstances. The finished handle gives a solid hold, even in testing conditions, considering exact control and quick strikes when required most. The handle is intended for striking and breaking, adding to the sword’s flexibility close by other people battle.

The Sword that cuts both ways accompanies a custom-fitted nylon sheath for protected and helpful vehicle. Whether conveyed by a Marine working or showed as a praiseworthy image and preparation, this sword is a recognition for the unyielding soul of the Marine Corps. It remains as a demonstration of the responsibility and boldness of the individuals who protect the country.

All in all, the USMC Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword is something other than a weapon; it’s a portrayal of the Marine Corps’ commitment to greatness and readiness. Its smooth and dangerous plan, combined with premium materials and craftsmanship, makes it a crucial device for first class fighters and a praiseworthy image and strength in the help of the US.



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