USMC Combat Kit – Premium Blades


  • Sawback bowie is 16 3/8″ overall
  • Tanto knife is 8 1/2” overall
  • Asisted opening pocket knife is 4 1/2″

Description of USMC Combat Kit – Premium Blades:

The USMC Combat Kit is a complete assortment of world class grade edged weapons, including a Bowie blade, Tanto blade, sword, and folding knife, all created with accuracy from premium steel cutting edges. This unit is a demonstration of the Marine Corps’ devotion to greatness and status, furnishing military work force and fans the same with a flexible and excellent stockpile of cutting instruments.

Moreover, The Bowie knife in this set is an impressive 8-inch edge, intended for many undertakings. Its bended edge and well honed edge make it ideal for battle, endurance, and outside exercises. The Tanto blade, with its powerful development and 6-inch sharp edge, is streamlin for strategic use, equip for puncturing and slicing through extreme materials easily. These two blades epitomize the Marine Corps’ obligation to giving dependable and successful devices to requesting circumstances.

The Combat Kit likewise incorporates a 18-inch sword, a respectable image and fearlessness. However, Created with accuracy and including a smooth plan, this sword honors the rich practices of the Marine Corps. Whether showed as an image of pride or employed in stately occasions, it addresses the strength and commitment of the Marines.

Finishing the set is a folding knife, a flexible and reduced device with a superior steel edge. Intended for regular convey, it fills in as a dependable ally for everyday undertakings and crises. With its sturdy development and sharp edge, it represents the Marine Corps’ preparation for any circumstance.

With their superior steel edges, sturdiness, and accuracy craftsmanship, the USMC Combat Kit – Premium Blades Kit’s knives and sword are an impression of the Marine Corps’ obligation to greatness and readiness. Whether utilized by military staff, gatherers, or outside fans, this pack remains as an image of solidarity, honor, and steady devotion to obligation and country.

All in all, the USMC Combat Kit is a flexible and great assortment of edged weapons, highlighting a Bowie blade, Tanto blade, sword, and folding knife, all intended to satisfy the needs of military help and then some. This unit is an image of the Marine Corps’ commitment to giving tip top devices to first class fighters, guaranteeing they are generally prepare for the difficulties they might confront.


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