A quick and brief introduction of our warranty policies is discussed on this page. We have arranged the below things for your ease so you may not get the wrong impression in the near future by using our site or services.

Warranty of products

When we dispatch a product, we make sure it meets our standards and has the necessary quality and durability as shown in the description. We have a team of professionals (quality inspection officers) to make sure your parcel has the same design and turns out to be same as in the description. Our warranty voids when we deliver the product to the courier. But if in case you receive an item that is defected, it is completely due to the courier’s fault and we won’t be responsible for that.

If such a case happens, you are required to send us a snapshot for that item. And then lodge a complaint with DHL (giving them your tracking number). After you’ve received the complaint reference number, pass that to us and we will handle the rest. We will contact the DHL express or any other courier service involved in carrying out your order’s delivery, and handle the matter with them. If we the outcome is as expected, we will send you another item as we always insure each item with the shipping company.

Keep in mind not to grow impatient or tense if such a case happens. We are here to take care of your order and we always try our best to compensate the consumer.

Please read our Returns and Exchange Policy for more details.