Double Strike Ninja Twin Sword Set
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NIER: Automata Virtuous Contract Sword And Sheath
NIER: Automata Virtuous Contract Sword And Sheath Original price was: $189.94.Current price is: $94.97.

White Witching Sword And Scabbard

Original price was: $249.92.Current price is: $124.96.

  • Length 47 1/2”
  • 35 1/2” 2Cr13 stainless steel blade
  • 47 1/2” overall fantasy sword slides

Description of White Witching Sword And Scabbard:

1. Elegance and Craftsmanship Unveiled
Leave on an excursion into a domain of immortal polish and unrivaled craftsmanship with the White Witching Sword and Casing. Carefully planned and skillfully manufactured, this outstanding pair exemplifies both the persona of the obscure and the appeal of refinement. So, The blade’s handle is decorated with many-sided etchings that weave an account of wizardry and marvel, while the casing’s ethereal accents summon a powerful appeal.

2. Masterful Artistry and Intricate Details
Submerge yourself in the dominance of masterfulness as you observe the White Witching Blade’s complicated subtleties. Each bend and line on the cutting edge mirrors the ability of prepared craftsmans who have emptied their hearts and gifts into its creation. Moreover, The sheath supplements this greatness, highlighting hand-adorned emphasizes that sparkle like captivated ice in the twilight. However, Every component meets up to portray a story of ethereal magnificence and power.

3. Enchantment and Empowerment Unleashed
Release the pith of charm and strengthening as you handle the White Witching Sword And Scabbard. Whether showed as an image of distinction or employed in snapshots of mysterious battle, this blade encapsulates both beauty and strength. Its cutting edge, finely sharpened and instilled with magical energies, turns into an augmentation of the wielder’s will. So, The sheath goes about as a defensive case, protecting the blade’s power and directing the enchanted it contains.

4.A Legacy of Legends and Lore

Dive into an inheritance woven with legends and legend, as the White Witching Sword and Sheath reverberation accounts of brave magicians and sorcerers of old. Over the entire course of time, this sword has gone through the hands of the individuals who looked to adjust the powers of light and shadow. With each swing, the reverberation of these stories resonates, helping all who employ it to remember the obligation that accompanies extraordinary power.

5. A Testament to Timelessness
The White Witching Blade and Sheath rise above short lived patterns, remaining as a demonstration of immortality in both plan and reason. Moreover, Made to be loved across ages, this magnum opus addresses the individuals who value the combination of craftsmanship and sorcery. Whether showed as a highlight or used as an image of power, this troupe welcomes you to embrace the riddle of the little known and set out on an excursion through domains both genuine and fantastical.



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