Swords Kingdom is also a wholesale distributor company that deals in best quality of swords & knives directly which allows you to get merchandise wholesale for as much as 25~50% less than product retail price. We buy wholesale in large quantities which allows us to receive merchandise at incredible discounts and pass the savings onto you.

Swords Kingdom is one of the leading online source of replica collectibles, video game swords, tv & movie swords, hunting bowie knives and Damascus Steel. We are wholesale manufactures and distributers of all kinds of swords and Knives. We have a huge range of clients from all around the world America, Europe, Australia and rest.

All are collectibles are especially handcrafted from China and Pakistan. All our items are finely detailed and are accurately similar in measurements and weight to that of the original movie and game collectibles. We have a wide range of movie prop replicas (300, TROY, ROBIN HOOD, LORD OF THE RINGs, CLASH OF THE TITANS, Devil May Cry, Zelda, Anime series, Pirate Swords, Ergon and a lot more). Beside our movie prop replicas and Fantasy swords we also do Samurai swords and medieval swords.

Our Wholesale order is a minimum of 10 pieces per order with discounts up to 25% to 30%.
Swords Kingdom is one of the leading wholesalers serving internationally to thousands of clients worldwide. We are one of the largest payment processor’s clients in Asia-Pacific region. Our products are manufactured in China and Pakistan.

All our products are brand new and they are carefully inspected when they come in from the manufactures and before they are delivered to our clients. As one of the leading wholesalers serving to an international audience, we take great pride in delivering the best quality to our buyers.

We also provide a drop ship facility to our customers. We ship directly from China and Pakistan to all major destinations across the world (Europe, USA, Australia, etc) it normally takes about 5-7days. Over 80% of our products can be delivered from our distributor centre within 24 hours after payment confirmation. Our products are suitable for all the ecommerce companies and wholesale business.

All our products come under warranty so you can be assured that you get the best quality you deserve.
So do visit us at www.swordskingdom.com and see for yourself.
When buying wholesale products from Swords Kingdom, you have the following benefits.

* Quality Assurance
* Damaged Goods Exchange Guarantee
* No Hassle of sending payments to U.K. & Pakistan.
* No Need to search vendor from thousand of Vendors list.
* No Minimum Quantity Restriction
* We use The Best Couriers & Cargo Services Available

Why Wholesale from Us?

swordskingdom.com is an international wholesale website serving global customers, as a leading supplier in B2B online trading, swordskingdom.com is honored and proud to be the best retailer in the Asia-Pacific region. Our customers are from the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia etc. over 210 countries worldwide.

We provide customers worldwide with high range of quality products at most competitive prices, just because all products here are manufactured direct in China and Pakistan. Moreover, we are offering an easy and quick online purchasing process as well as a dedicated and professional customer service team. Our tried and tested Trust Marketing and Escrow payment processes guarantee a safe and secure wholesale transaction environment. Look no further, swordskingdom.com is your one-stop solution to purchase China and Pakistan wholesale products online.

Quality First

All of the products are brand new, top quality with carefully inspection when they come in from manufacturers OR leave for customers, everybody got “Quality First” in mind to ensure what you receive is what we describe.

Fast Delivery & Drop ship available

Shipping direct from China or Pakistan to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically takes 4 to 7 days. Over 80% of our products can be shipped from our own distributor center within 24 hours after payment confirm.

As a responsible supplier with honesty and sincerity, our products are quite suitable for those who are ecommerce companies, wholesale businesses, eBay Power Sellers, also local distributors in every country around the world, which make it possible for drop shippers to sell worldwide without any restrictions from ourselves.


All the products we sell come under warranty, you can rest assured for what you buy.
Effective and Diverse Communication
No matter when and what kind of problem you may have before or during your purchasing at Swords Kingdom, you can always reach us by the phone call, email, fax, live chat etc,24 hours/7 days.
swordskingdom.com reserves the rights to add, amend or trim these terms under certain circumstances, and we will post the changes and update on the site so that you can always be aware of the latest information for your own benefits.

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