Officially Licensed Witch King Sword From Lord Of The Rings


  • 39 3/4″ tempered stainless steel blade
  • Genuine leather wrapped handle
  • Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity
  • Matching wooden wall plaque for display also included


This sword from The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an authentically licensed reproduction. The real filming prop has  painstakingly rebuilt by an industry leader in superb movie replicas utilizing only the highest grade materials and craftsmanship. Detail-oriented work was of utmost importance.

This Witch King Sword Replica – Lord Of The Rings  is an authoritatively authorize copy from The Lord of the Rings triology. An industry chief in fine film proliferations, has carefully reproduced the genuine recording prop utilizing hands down the best grade materials and craftsmanship. Close scrupulousness was a first concern.

Moreover, Each part of the Witch King Sword Replica has  carefully intend to summon the embodiment of haziness and power. From the impressive serrated edge that oozes an emanation of terrorizing to the hauntingly definite handle enhanced with complex runes, this reproduction catches the ghostly charm of the Nazgûl and their malicious impact.

This stunning imitation isn’t simply a sword — a gatherer’s fortune permits you to possess a piece of the Lord of the Rings universe. However, With its authoritatively authorized plan, it dependably gives recognition to the first source material, making it an unquestionable requirement for fans and gatherers the same. Whether showed noticeably on your wall or kept securely in your assortment, the Witch King Sword Imitation fills in as a frightful sign of the dazzling universe of Center earth.

Moreover, Given a presentation plaque that bears the image of the Witch-King, this copy sword radiates an air of dim tastefulness. As a highlight or part of an assortment, it makes a fascinating visual point of convergence that flashes discussions and conjures the persona of Tolkien’s reality. Hence, Embrace the obscurity and drench yourself in the legend of the Witch-King with this finely created reproduction, a demonstration of the multifaceted narrating that keeps on charming crowds.


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