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X-Men Wolverine Claw 12"

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Full Length: 12"
Blade Length: 8"
Handle: 4"
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Regular Price: $225.00

Special Price: $200.00


We are presenting the replica of X-Men Wolverine Claw. The Claw belongs to the famous Hero Wolverine from Marvel Comics. The born name of Wolverine is James Howlett who also possesses another name Logan. Wolverine is mutant with keen animal senses and enhanced physical capabilities. With such abilities, he can run at a high speed and can climb up trees. Wolverine has a bone claw on each hand. He can slice and dice enemies by his mighty claws. His smell sense allows him to sense enemies nearby. Wolverine has a healing ability which allows him to recover from vital wounds and diseases. This ability slows down his aging process. He lives far more than any ordinary human’s lifespan. Wolverine can tear the flesh easily with his powerful claws. He appeared in many comics and films series. He appeared as a team partner with Alpha Flight, X-Men and Avengers. His most notable film is X-Men origins: Wolverine.


The movie explains the complete story of Wolverine. The story shows how Wolverine got adamantium blades in the Weapon X program. Wolverine spent some time with Team X, and after a quarrel, he left his half-brother Victor Creed. Later on, Victor Creed due to his extreme, violent nature, became Sabretooth, who even attack Wolverine. In the end, the two brothers Wolverine and Victor Creed defeated the mighty mutant Deadpool with their team work. Wolverine stabbed his claws through Deadpool’s body and kicked him into the base of cooling tower.


We offer you this cheap Claw with all the quality standards. The Pantera claw has four finger holes which will provide you a comfortable grip. The shape and design is groovy. If you are a Wolverine fan, do not hesitate to put on this claw. It will threaten you enemies and enhance your strength. Buy this claw from our online replica store.

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