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X-Men Wolverine Claws 2 Piece

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Regular Price: $300.00

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It has four finger holes which allow for a very comfortable grip.
The hand piece is crafted in steel with a dull finish, and measures approximately 5 in. wide.
The claw-blades each measure approximately 8 in. long.
Overall length: 12"
Handle Length: 4"
They are crafted of High Quality stainless steel!

Regular Price: $300.00

Special Price: $240.00


We are offering you the famous X-Men Wolverine Claws 2 Piece at an exclusive discount price. You can hang this ornamental and lethal Claws set on the wall. The material used in the claws is stainless steel. The handle consists of four finger holes which provide you a relaxed grip. The blades of Pantera Claws include three oval shaped chambers. The circle like spaces enhances the attraction of the artistic design of these claws. The grip features a black lined pattern on it. The dull finish makes it marvelous. So why not book your order for these grace full replica claws. We offer the best services and deliver product in a short time. We deliver products worldwide. We are giving an extinct discount on the claws set for a limited time. Be wise to avail this opportunity before it is too late.

The Pantera claws are used by Marvel star Wolverine. He was born with wooden claws, but he got Adamantium claws after the Weapon X program. Thus, he became stronger and skilled after the experiment and killed his own creator. His wife Kayla got killed in a battle with major Stryker. However, Logan lost his memory in that battle and refuses to go with Gambit. In other X-Men films, Wolverine leads the young X-Men team and helps them on certain times. He killed his half brother Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie. He stabbed the claws in Sabretooth’s abdomen. The quality that makes him prominent is his will to save his team mates. He risks his own life to save the innocents. You can become just like Wolverine by putting on these fancy Claws.

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