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Zoro Yubashiri Sword from One Piece

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Overall Length: 39 Inches

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Product Details:
Blade length: 25.5 inches
Handle length:13.5 inches
Blade Construction: High-Quality Stainless Steel
Free Display Stand
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with white String Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel, and Guard
Scabbard: Stainless steel black scabbard and brass fitting (Free)

Zoro Yubashiri Sword Description:

Zoro Yubashiri Sword was from the list of 50 most expensive swords in the One Piece Anime Series. It was the most expensive one in the store of Loguetown. But Zoro, the famous character, didn’t buy it from the store, instead he was able to earn it with his efforts. Apart from his efforts, there was also his luck involved in getting Yubashiri Zoro Sword. He fought a battle with Sadai Kitetsu and earned this sword as a reward. After the fight with Sandai Kitetsu, the owner of the shopkeeper gave it to Zoro with a great attitude. But the wife of the shopkeeper was so angry at him. She also cursed his husband by giving charity.

The love and craziness for Zoro Yubashiri Sword is present all over the world. People who love one piece anime series are a die-heart fan of Zoro Character. Due to such craziness and demand, thousands of swords selling websites are presenting Zoro Yubashiri Replica Sword in their collection. But you can buy an excellent quality Zoro Replica Yubashiri Sword from the Swords Kingdom. Yes, we are also selling this sword with a free display stand and scabbard. Before placing your order, have a look at the features of our version of Zoro Yubashiri Sword.

  • The overall length of this sword is 39 inches.
  • The length of the handle is 13.5 inches, and the blade’s length is 25.5 inches.
  • The blade is made up of high-quality stainless steel.
  • It comes with a great looking wooden display stand.
  • The blade has a dull finishing surface.
  • You will also get a free stainless-steel black scabbard with brass fitting.

So, if you want to play the role of Zoro in the cosplay, then grab one piece Zoro Yubashiri sword now from our website. Apart from this sword, you can get multiple other anime-inspired swords from our site.

Which things are free with this sword?

A scabbard and display stand comes free with this sword.

Can I track my order?

Yes, after placing order, you will get a tracking id. With that, you can track your orders any time.

Is it a stainless-steel sword?

Yes, it is a stainless-steel constructed sword.

Weight 3 kg

1 review for Zoro Yubashiri Sword from One Piece

  1. Zoran

    To be honest, i was very amazed to see such a great dull finishing blade of zoro yubashiri. It is worth buying. From my side, 10/10 to Swords Kingdom.

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