Uruk-Hai Scimitar Sword

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Overall Length: 31"
Blade Length: 23"
Handle Length: 8"
Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Free Wall Plaque
Full Tang Construction Sword
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Blade Material: High quality steel, battle worn and tarnished finish, false-edged.
Handle Grip: Hardwood, Rexine-wrapped.
Plaque: Wood, adorned with the hand of Saurian icon.
Weight: 0.73 KG

Regular Price: $105.00

Special Price: $61.64


The uruk hai scimitar Sword
A powerful race of orc-men or orc-elves are known as The Uruk-Hai. The Uruk-Hai are at times mistaken for the Black Urks, which are a bit smaller in size. They were a result of Saruman’s creation, who was asked to create an army that would be worthy of Mordor.

The Uruk-Hai have been described in the books to be black skinned, and having slanted eyes. The weapons they carry with them include bows made of yew, along with small swords and spears.

Some people assume that the phrase “Man-orcs large and cunning” refers to the Uruk-hai, however, there is no evidence that the term man-orcs refers to the Uruk-hai.
The Uruk-Hai:
More the half of Saruman’s Army consisted of Uruk-hai, along with the Dunlendings and Man-enemies of Rohan. They also performed their duties as the elite troops of Mordor.

The Uruk-Hai are the stronger and after then other Orcs, and are capable of easily covering long distances in the sun, unlike other orcs. They have more masculine qualities and don’t have bandy legs like the orcs. They are up to six feet tall, which is taller then other orcs but not as tall as most men of that time. According to some theories, the Uruk-hai are a result of crossbreeding orcs and men.

The Uruk-Hai find relied in violence, and grimaced constantly when they had nothing to do. There were other creatures under Saruman that seemed hybrid too. Half-orcs, for instance, measured as tall as men and are never referred to as Orcs. They are also suggested to be corss-breeds if goblins and half-orcs. The Uruk-hai in Saruman’s army fought against The King of Rohan and his followers at Helms Deep.
The Uruk-Hai were first seen in the year TA 2475. During their first appearance, they conquered Ithilien and destroyed the city of Osgiliath.
They Orcs and Uruks under Barad-dur used a symbol of a red eye of Sauron. This symbol of the red eye was also painted on their shields to distinguish them from the rest.
Usually one guard carried a black knife that had a long saw-edged blade, on the march with Merry and Pippin. The knife was used by Pippin to cut off the ropes that bound his hands. They were capable of seeing better in the dark.
The Uruks of Saruman wore iron helmets that had an “S” wrought in white metal at the front. The “S” clearly stood for Saruman. The shields of the Uruk-hai had a small white hand in the canter.
Their weapons were rather different from other orcs. Instead of the usual curved scimitar, the Uruk-hai used short and broad-bladed swords. The bows that they used were made of yew wood, and equalled the size and shape of bows used by men. Their physical appearance was different too. They were broad and tall, squat, has slanted eyed, thick legs and big hands and feet. Despite not liking the sun rays, they could stand it better then other orcs. They were treated with man-flesh by Saruman. They had the advantage of being aided by Saruman’s wizardry when Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas were after the group of Uruks who had kidnapped Merry and Pippin. Saruman used his power to cause the pursuers to feel weary, and the orcs were granted more speed to achieve victory.
The uruk hai of Isengard were led by Ugluk. They were the strongest of their kind. Because of their strength, Ugluk thought he led the Hobbit March. It was this little army that slew Boromir, and was annihilated by Eomer and the Riders of the Rohan.
The weapons Uruk-Hai carry include swords, shields and bows. Their swords are strangely crafted. The uruk sword goes straight the whole way, until the top. At the top is a spike sticking out from the blade. This spike was used to attack a horseman and pull him down to the ground. If the uruk sword was held backwards, the spike would increase the amount of pain that a person feels and gives a better chance of killing the person. The Uruks of Mordor were usually seen holding curved scimitars, along with many different kinds of spears and axes.

Tolkein has used the word ‘scimitar’ to refer to any type of curbed blade that exists in the Middle Earth.

Some blades that curve towards the back are not counted as scimitars in swordsmanship, but are still referred to as Scimitars in the Middle Earth.

The uruk hai scimitar is unique in their characteristics, hence a must have for your collection.

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