Otsukotsu Yuta Wooden Sword


  • Overall length: 75 cm
  • Product material: Wood

Description of Otsukotsu Yuta Wooden Sword:

The Otsukotsu Yuta Wooden Sword is a wonderfully create and carefully plan wooden sword that catches the quintessence of conventional Japanese craftsmanship. With a length of 75 centimeters, this wooden sword is a brilliant preparation device for hand to hand fighting fans, especially those rehearsing Kendo, Iaido, or Kenjutsu.

Made from excellent wood, the Otsukotsu Yuta Wooden Sword isn’t just sturdy yet in addition lightweight, making it ideal for preparing and practice meetings. The decision of wood guarantee that the sword feels great in your grasp while giving the essential unbending nature to imitate the weight and equilibrium of a genuine sword.

The scrupulousness in the plan of this wooden sword is really extraordinary. The edge of the sword includes a practical bend and a distinct tip, duplicating the state of a customary katana. The wooden handle is carefully shaped to fit serenely in your grasp, considering a solid hold during preparing.

The cautious dispersion of weight along the length of the sword guarantees that it handles like a genuine edge, pursue it an optimal decision for sharpen your sword strategies and structures. Whether you are a fledge or an accomplish expert, this wooden sword will improve your preparation experience.

Besides, the Otsukotsu Yuta Wooden Sword is plan in view of wellbeing. The adjust edges of the sword diminish the gamble of injury during work on, making it reasonable for both performance preparing and accomplice drills. This security cognizant plan permits you to zero in on culminating your method without stress over unintentional cuts or injuries.

Whether you’re a combative techniques fan hoping to work on your abilities or basically value the masterfulness of Japanese swords, this wooden blade is a surprising decision. Its immaculate plan and scrupulousness make it a significant expansion to any military craftsman’s preparation weapons store. Experience the vibe of a genuine sword without the related dangers with this remarkable wooden preparation sword.


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