Kisuke Urahara Benihime Shikai Sword Anime Inspired
Kisuke Urahara Benihime Shikai Sword Anime Inspired Original price was: $225.00.Current price is: $60.00.
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Anime Inspired grimmjow sword replica
Anime Inspired grimmjow sword replica Original price was: $225.00.Current price is: $57.52.

Anime Inspired Renji Abarai Unawakened Sword

Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $60.00.

Overall Length: 40 inches

100 in stock

(max file size 1 GB)

Product Details:
Blade Construction: High-Quality Stainless Steel –
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Free Display Stand
Handle: Wooden handle with black string wrapping
Fitting: Brass Finish, Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
Scabbard: Black Ribbon Wrapped on Stainless Steel Scabbard (FREE)


Renji Abarai is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Bleach. This series is created by the Tite Kubo. He didn’t join forces initially because he spent his initial life fight against the Ichigo Kurosaki. He defeats the main protagonist and joins the force. After joining he take part in the mission to rescue Rukia Kuchiki and become the major character and important ally of Ichigo. The item that he uses is called Zabimaru. It is a type of item whose spirit form is Nue, Zabimaru blades attached to it that used for a stretch, cut, or scatter.

He became the lieutenant of the 6th division under the captain of Byakuya Kuchiki and also serve as 6th seat in the 11th division under Kenpachi Zaraki. His formation is very unique to the other fighters. Renji has brown eyes and long crimson hair that kept in a high ponytail. The upper body is filled with tribal tattoos that increased continuously. He starts tattoos from his early days in the academy and later he cover his complete back, chest, and even the forehead. He wears expensive glasses with different designs. He is supersoldier of the force but he does not wear his division lieutenant badge. Despite he wears white kimono type night clothing. The sword he used is called the Renji Abarai Sword that is available at our store at a low price.

If you want to buy Anime-Inspired Renji Abarai Unawakened Sword, read the product details given below.

  • Renji Abarai Unawakened sword is a high-quality replica sword.
  • The overall length of Anime-Inspired Renji Abarai Sword is 40 inches.
  • The blade of the replica sword is made up of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Its blade is dull finished.
  • Balck string wrapped on the wooden handle.
  • You will receive a display stand and scabbard free along with the anime-inspired replica sword.
  • The stainless steel scabbard is wrapped with a black ribbon on it.


Now, if you want to buy Renji Abarai Sword replica, order now and get it on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. Furthermore, you can buy Yuuki Konno Sword Anime-Inspired or Kenpachi Zaraki Sword.

Which things come free with this product?

Stainless steel scabbard and display stand come free with this product.

From which quality, the Renji Abarai is made?

It is made with high-quality stainless steel.

How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depends on your location.
Weight 3 kg


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