300 Spartan Movie Shield Replica

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Total Length: 28.5"
Weight: 3.49 KG


Spartans are considered to be the champions of wars, and this is because of their fantastic selection of fighting items, including the Spartan shield. The main reason behind Spartans’ excellent knowledge of the warcraft and fighting was because

    • They started war training when they were only little kids.
    • The men in the Spartan society were only assigned the tasks related to warfare, while females specialized in household chores.

The main driving force of the Spartan society was to gain military strength as time progressed to take over the nearby colonies. Such aims and ambitions were only achievable because Spartans came up with some of the best warfare items that made them dominant. The main fighting products that Spartans used were

    • The spears,
    • Swords
    • And the Spartan Armor (Shields).

Perhaps the best thing about the real Spartan shield is that it was usually passed down through generations. A Spartan would often go to war with his fighting items. This means that he would have to make his Spartan shield or get hold of it from his ancestors, either father or grandfather. This thing shows how committed the Spartans were regarding warfare because a Spartan would never leave his Spartan shield on the battlefield and flee. It was considered as an act of shame and disgrace.

Product Description:

While many people would think that Spartan shield only served its purpose in the defensive area, it was also used as equipment of offense. We offer some of the best replicas of the Spartan shield from 300 Spartan movie. Some of the prime features of the product are as follow:

    • It is very similar in design to the original one from the movie.
    • The total Spartan shield replica size is 28.5 inches.
    • It weighs around 3.5 kg.
    • The construction material is very high-quality stainless steel.
    • It is coated with brass.

Properties of the Spartan Shield:

In terms of features, the Spartan shield was not that unique since the same kind of shields were quite popular with the Greeks. Similarly, the Spartans also equipped themselves with the Greek shield, which was called Hoplon at that time. This Greek terminology refers to the infantry that fights in the battlefield.

The 300 shield was basically

    • Made of wood
    • Covered in leather straps
    • To provide the shield with an added protection.

On the circumference of the shield, a slight metallic material was used which helped Spartans a lot when using the authentic Spartan shield as an offensive item. A typical Spartan shield could be as big as

    • 20 inches in radius.
    • The shield was usually around 5 to 6 inches thick
    • It ensured that the Spartans remained protected even when under the most vicious attack.

There was a time, when the Greeks adopted a shield which was covered in bronze, instead of leather and wood on the front side of the shield. This period was called the Classical Period, and Spartans did not adopt this tradition, and they opted for their traditionally styled Spartan shields.

How the Spartan shield was used:

Since it was a shield, it is quite apparent to determine that the main reason why Spartans used it for defensive purposes. Despite the fantastic defensive capabilities of the Spartan shield, it was also excellent on the offensive front. It is said that the Spartans made great use of their shield to bash their enemies in the faces by the edges of the shields to knock their teeth out. A good hit on the head with the Spartan shield could easily stun even the strongest of the guys.

There were times when Spartans lost their warfare products on the battlefield. Some Spartans only went to the battlefield with a spear. And there were times when they had to throw the spear. This activity resulted in a loss of the primary battlefield items, and this is where the Spartan shield came to the rescue. While the Spartans found another item on the battlefield, the Spartan shield was used as a fighting item in the meantime.


Some of the safety measures should be taken before using it, which are as follow:

    • It is a heavyweight replica, so it should not be practiced without proper training.
    • Train yourself with it away from the people and breakable things.
    • Although it is a replica, it’s of awe-inspiring look which makes it look original.
    • It is made of quality stainless steel, but you should take care of it to get maximum durability.

The Hurdle, using the Spartan shield:

Spartans were quite famous for their brotherhood and teamwork. One of the best team works that the Spartans have displayed in the history was when they marched on to defeat the Persian army despite the fact there was only a handful of them. The power of Spartans was severely tested in this battle, and Spartans did not fail to impress.

When Spartans marched to fight the Persian army, they had to face the competition from a mightier opposing infantry that made use of crossbows. Since Spartans did not know how to use a crossbow, they were at a disadvantage. It is said that the Persian army launched thousands of arrows at the Spartans when they first spotted them. And Spartans overcame this storm of arrows by making a hurdle by covering every open spot with the Spartan shield. This was one of the most inspiring moments in Spartan history, which shows how quick they were in their decision-making skills. This moment is also captured in the movie ‘300’.


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